Matthew Ellis
Matthew Ellis

Staffordshire’s police commissioner has praised people in Lichfield and Burntwood for adhering to lockdown guidelines during the coronavirus crisis.

Matthew Ellis hailed both the efforts of the community and the way police have dealt with those who have not followed restrictions brought in as part of the response to COVID-19.

He added that officers had taken “a firm, but measured approach” where necessary.

“This has been, and will continue to be, a tough time for local people who have not experienced in their lifetime the types of restrictions now in place.

“The vast majority understand the importance of the measures and realise if they are adhered to there’s a better chance of them being relaxed sooner.

“For whatever reason, there are those who will either choose to ignore the restrictions or not fully understand them.

“I want to praise and thank officers from Staffordshire Police for so effectively using their judgement or discretion to explain why behaviour needs to change, or in a few cases, penalise those who refuse to follow the rules.”

Police Commissioner Matthew Ellis

Commissioner Ellis said officers had engaged with thousands of people across Staffordshire since the start of the coronavirus restrictions.

Figures revealed that between 27th March and 10th April ten fixed penalty notices had been issued in relation to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Staffordshire’s Chief Constable Gareth Morgan said:

“We all recognise this is a difficult time and I want to thank the vast majority of the people of Staffordshire for continuing to follow the government instructions to stay at home. 

“These restrictions are vital to protect our families, our communities and the NHS and we must continue to work together to fight Covid-19 and save lives.”

Chief Constable Gareth Morgan, Staffordshire Police


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  1. It would have been better if the pcos could have helped people in the rural areas when this happened. We self isolated and there was no help with food or medicine collections. Thought they were supposed to be neighbourhood police.

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