Frances Di Pierri-Adcock, Hedley Adcock and Mark Adcock
Frances Di Pierri-Adcock, Hedley Adcock and Mark Adcock

A Lichfield-based legal firm which has remained in the hands of the same family for over a century is celebrating a landmark anniversary.

Adcocks Solicitors, which is headed up by the grandson of the original founder, is marking its 110th birthday.

Founded just before World War One broke out, the Lombard Street company can trace its roots all the way back to 1910 – and the original paperwork from its founding by Leonard Hedley Adcock still survives today.

Leonard was so dedicated to the firm that his obituary stated that he “collapsed and died at his desk” – the desk his grandson, senior director Mark Adcock still works at.

Leonard Hedley Adcock in his World War One uniform

Although the company is headquartered in Lichfield, but Leonard originally bought the firm’s first office in West Bromwich 110 years ago.

In an obituary tribute, the  Rev John B Hardy stated that Leonard, who died of a heart attack, was “greatly loved by all”, “was of outstanding help to all who were in need”, and “was one who put integrity and humaneness at the top of his list of priorities”.

“I found him a great friend, and he helped me more than language is adequate to express.

“He was honest in life, and in his judgement of others was both kindly and helpful.

“This town has lost a great citizen, whose memory will live on.” 

Rev John B Hardy’s tribute to Leonard Hedley Alcock

“I’m incredibly proud of what our family has built”

Mark works alongside his son, Hedley Adcock and daughter Frances Di Pierri-Adcock, who are both directors.

All in all, at least 14 family members have worked in the firm during its long history.

“From the very start until the present day, Adcocks has been a family business.

“I’ve counted no less than 14 family members, both direct descendants of Leonard, or their family, who have worked in the practice. 

“Curiously, in this, our 110th year, that’s also the current total of the ages of me, Hedley and his son Rex combined.

“I’m incredibly proud of what our family has built. 

“And, to have been in business for 110 years is a rare accolade and something that we are very honoured and humbled by.

“Even though our clients span from across the region, to the UK and overseas, I’m proud to have remained true to our West Midland roots by continuing to both invest in the region in property and jobs.

“This is something we want to continue to do for many years, and hopefully for decades to come.”

Mark Adcock

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