Cllr Deborah Baker

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The Mayor of Lichfield has thanked residents for their efforts during the coronavirus lockdown.

Cllr Deborah Baker used a St George’s Day message to pay tribute to people for continuing to support efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

She said:

“Happy St George’s Day from the Mayor and Sheriff of Lichfield.

“We thank everyone for observing the lockdown and physical distancing rules, and continuing to protect yourselves and our great city from this new ‘dragon’.”

Cllr Deborah Baker, Mayor of Lichfield


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. AnnS – have you reported them? Our MP believes you should report them and maybe you should do what he does. He seems to be a man of authority and influence wbho we should all follow blindly.
    You should go on Twitter and Facebook and shame these “neighbours”.
    Give enough information that you could be describing a large section of people, but not enough to directly identify them. Then invite others to agree with you about just how bad and ignorant and evil these people are.
    It seems to work for our MP, he knows best.
    Do it.
    Save us all.

  2. Two interesting comments, but I am sure a little tongue in cheek. It dose, however, pose the questions of our independence and liberty. In these circumstances we have to act for the greater good but just how long will the population tolerate this imposed incarceration (along with fixed penalties for transgression; presumably without redress?). There is also the question of what uses the DNA collected from testing and the data from smart app social distancing might be used for at a latter date. We are all vassals of the State and our liberties are constantly being eroded by legislation of one form or another. Sure these are difficult times and pragmatic decisions have to be made. Let’s just hope the final outcome will not leave us with still further interference in our everyday lives.

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