A Burntwood councillor has backed calls for household waste and recycling centres to open.

Tips in Burntwood and Lichfield have been shut as part of the response to the Government’s social distancing measures.

Cllr Sue Woodward

But Cllr Sue Woodward said she was backing moves by her Labour colleagues on Staffordshire County Council to get them reopened.

“With a surge in flytipping, advice from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service against lighting bonfires, and complaints from residents troubled by smoke from waste burning which aggravates their breathing difficulties, it is now time to urgently reopen Staffordshire’s household waste recycling centres.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Staffordshire County Council

The issue has been raised with the Conservative leadership of the county council by Labour group leader Charlotte Atkins.

“It is perfectly possible for tips to be opened and for social distancing to be observed.

“People queue to get into supermarkets so why not in their cars at recycling centres? 

“Some councils have already reopened their tips as disposing of excess waste has now become vital for many families who are generating far more while stuck at home trying to keep their children occupied and safe.

“I am sure our ingenious Staffordshire staff could find a way to reopen the sites safely for limited periods with access controlled.

“Otherwise we are going to be overwhelmed by more flytipping.”

Charlotte Atkins, Staffordshire County Council


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9 replies on “Councillor backs calls to reopen household waste and recycling centres in Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. I agree with Cllr Woodward. Fly tipping has grown and is destroying our countryside.
    I also have stuff that I can’t put in the bins. So where else can I get rid of it?

  2. I don’t understand why everyone seems to have so much more rubbish and recycling now?
    We are all at home all the time too, but we haven’t noticed a big increase is “wastage” to put in the bins.
    So why the “crisis”? It would be safer for the refuse workers – who are all doing an amazing job – to keep them closed.
    People just need to learn to be more clever with their waste.

  3. Barry… I think it not unreasonable to expect people stuck at home to be having a sort out. Let’s face it the recycling centre is busy at normal times so that accumulation must be somewhere now it is closed. Indeed there is likely to be a deluge at the centre when it does reopen. Household waste is a fact of life, that is why the centres are there and why we pay for this service through the rates. I do not suppose the council will be offering refunds for the suspension of this service. Perhaps your lack of waste is determined by other factors.

  4. Well done Cllr. Woodward et.al.
    Agree with Philip Allso, and (excuse the pun) rubbish Barry, seems you are still in your bubble, and lucky you without any waste.
    It was inevitable that fly tipping was going to increase considerably, anyone with an ounce of common sense knew this, but not it appears those that made the decision to close them. There were fewer people visiting tips than supermarkets, and the clever ones amongst us have been able to comply with social distancing (I know there are exceptions) so I can’t see why we couldn’t do the same when visiting a tip. There are only ever a handful of people that manage these that are onsite so they can comply, and if we queue in our cars and get out when we are told then it should work. Job done!

  5. Thank you Philip Also – I understand what you are saying. We tend to be a very “organised” household. There are 4 adults here but we have always kept things ordered.

    AnneS – At least in my “bubble” people know how to be civil and respect others’ opinions. You should take a “leaf” out of Philip Alsos’ books and try to be little kinder in your responses.

  6. I definitely hope it happens. By way of explanation Barry, since the lockdown I’ve been working from home with four adults in the house all day (instead of the usual situation when the house was pretty much empty during weekdays from 9-5). So of course we are generating more waste at home just by having lunch, let alone anything else!

    Moreover, the space needed for working from home is greater than my requirements to watch television. I haven’t got a big house, so I could really have done with the opportunity to have a good old clear out to make some room for the new working arrangements. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    …And I know that some people who aren’t lucky enough to be able to work from home are trying to make good use of their furloughed time by doing things like decorating and making home improvements etc. Again, not being able to dispose of waste creates a real problem.

    So yes, please, let’s get the recycling centres open with some social distancing management.

  7. We can’t go out so what do we do, go through the spare bedroom, tidy the garage or garden shed It produces rubbish. I have a broken wirly clothes drier what do I do with it and other stuff that used to go to the tip.
    I know I will put it back in the garage where I just got it from.
    Councils do not think, Where my lady friend lives they have stopped green waste and the other bins are every 4 weeks for the duration. As it happens she owns the field next to her garden and is putting green waste in it but others who knows

  8. This is the same councillor Woodward who, in another article on this site, is talking about opening the cemeteries once they have more advice on “social distancing.”

    Neither measure was recommended in any government advice on which these these councillors are basing their decisions, it appears, on face value, to be a typical overreaction – much like the knee-jerk reaction in limiting access to parks.

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