Visible marks on the A5190 after the resurfacing works were carried out
Visible marks on the A5190 after the resurfacing works were carried out

A Labour councillor has criticised the MP for Lichfield and Burntwood over a “lack of action” after complaints about resurfacing of a main road.

Drivers raised concerns about the work carried out on the A5190 last year.

The resurfacing led to a rutted finish which saw Michael Fabricant MP call for “urgent action” on the route.

But Cllr Steve Norman, leader of the Labour group on Lichfield District Council, said he was “astonished” at the lack of attempts by the Conservative MP to follow up on the initial criticism.

Steve Norman

“Since then nothing has been heard of the answer he presumably got so I decided to find out myself on behalf of drivers and cyclists who have complained to me.

“As a councillor I would not put up with a delay of nearly four months for a reply or even the two months which I presume is the standard timeframe for a reply from the county council for an MP.

“If that sort of service is regarded as acceptable by Mr Fabricant okay – but at least he can now tell us.”

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

Councillor Norman said he had received a reply from the county council confirming that the road had been treated using a product called Finamac and that a reply was sent to the MP on 7th April.

He was told the surface would improve over time, but would be monitored with remedial works carried out in future if needed.

Mr Fabricant declined to comment.


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9 replies on “Labour councillor criticises MP over “lack of action” on complaints about resurfacing of road between Lichfield and Burntwood”

  1. In fact the County Council told me: “This site has been treated using Finamac. although it doesn’t look too ‘pretty’, the surface is there and doing the job it is supposed to do. This type of material is known to improve in the months after application. Ourselves and the contractor will continue to monitor it.
    This site did have some issues and the visual performance of it wasn’t what we would have liked, but the structural and engineering aspect of the site was deemed ok, although it will be monitored and remedial works could be carried out in the future if required.”
    So can we assume Mr Fabricant is happy with this, believes it has now improved with use and that he does not side with his constituents who have looked to him for support?

  2. How can the MP decline to comment at all?
    Surely after calling for urgent action previously he should be interested in finding out what, if any, improvements have been made? And, if as suggested, no improvement has been made then he should make his voice heard. If he believes the situation is better, then he could easily support the council.
    To say nothing at all seems a bit odd.
    Its not as if he’s overworked at the moment, is it?
    Apart from taking photos on his daily walks, publicly shaming those he feels do not conform to his idea of social distancing, praising the Americans and his big Woody mate and complaining about online trolls while doing his utmost to antagonise and belittle anyone who dares offer an opposing view, he can’t be that busy. Can he?

  3. He is taking social distancing seriously, and has been ahead of the curve for years.

  4. I am surprised he hasn’t suggested the lane into Lichfield be resurfaced and the lane to Burntwood stay as it is.

  5. Michael Fabricant. True colours showing. He just says random words but takes no actual action.

    Plus, it’s only Burntwood so…

  6. I travel along the road in question daily ,Steve Norman is saying it gets better with age it’s not a malt whisky ,be honest it’s been done on the cheap and it’s a mess no one wants to take responsibility for .

  7. To be clear: It’s the County Council saying it will improve with wear – not me.
    It would be interesting to see whether the Conservative County Councillors in whose patch the road is (along with the Conservative MP) agree. Not me.
    The answer I got indicates it is not going to get any further treatment by the Conservative Council (that is 135th on the League Table road repairs by ‘’) so road users are abandoned by these elected representatives.

  8. Come on Steve Norman, the MP has far more pressing matters to deal with.
    This morning’s important slice of political business is him suggesting that what the country needs in a political sex scandal to lighten the nation’s mood. He’s seeking volunteers, presumably from all parties although they mainly seem to affect his own party.
    You’ll just have to wait your turn Steve. Obviously constituency matters come a long way down his list of priorities when there is a loving social media audience to entertain.

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