A junior Lichfield football club is hoping others will follow their lead by adding a tribute to healthcare workers on their kits next season.

Lichfield Lions will wear ‘Thank you, NHS’ on the sleeves of their shirts once the sport returns.

They have received backing from Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant, while a spokesperson from the Football Association described it as “a great initiative”.

Club chairman Nathaniel De Vere said he hoped teams across the country would include the tribute.

“I’m really excited by this initiative – it was actually my son Dylan’s idea and I think it’s a truly great way for the professional and amateur game to stand shoulder to shoulder in their appreciation of how NHS workers put others ahead of themselves every day.

“We are very grateful to Michael Fabricant for supporting the initiative.

“We were stunned when he not only did so, but tagged in the Prime Minister and the FA as well.”

Nathaniel De Very, Lichfield Lions

Lichfield Lions committee members have turned their efforts from the pitch to supporting the community during the coronavirus crisis.

They have been delivering medicines and shopping for vulnerable people across the city.

Club welfare officer Kevin Smith said:

“The adults at the club, local volunteers and even the Military Defence Academy have rallied to support our community, delivering well over 1,500 shopping orders and prescriptions to the most vulnerable in the first five weeks of coronavirus, as part of our Team Wellbeing project. 

“Working with the community, we’ve seen first-hand the heroes of the NHS attend some of the people we’ve been supporting. Every one of them is a cup winner to us.

“We want the whole UK football family to say ‘thank you’ as one to them.

“To see this level of support for what we are trying to do is incredible.” 

Kevin Smith, Lichfield Lions

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3 replies on “Lichfield football club hoping others across the country will join them in wearing tribute to NHS workers on kits”

  1. Interesting comment CJ, it doesn’t take a lot of digging to see the trail Lee O’Hanlon/Nathaniel De Vere has left behind. I wonder how he is a fit and proper person to be involved in a FA associated club, though the restrictions may be less at the Lions level.

    Oh and Fabricant voted against the full pay rise for the NHS, to see him jump on the populist bandwagon of canonising the NHS whilst failing to support it at any other time, is pretty galling.

  2. Fabbo the dangerous clown, appearing to embrace all sorts of initiatives despite a blanket vote throughout ‘austerity’ to deprive the 99% of wage rises, infrastructure, services etc etc.

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