Members of the RAF Lichfield Association have joined calls for people to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day during the coronavirus lockdown.

Many public events planned for 8th May have been scrapped due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

But the RAF Association has asked people to raise a glass for servicemen and women at 3pm on the anniversary.

“We want a toast to the heroes on the 8th May.

“Please raise a glass of your chosen refreshment and undertake the toast from your doorstep of ‘to those who gave so much, we thank you’.”

RAF Lichfield Association spokesperson

The Queen is due to address the nation at 9pm on VE Day to help mark the anniversary.

“We also ask people to join a doorstep singalong to Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again following the Queen’s address.

“Turn up your speakers, look up the words and singalong while waving your best homemade flags.”

RAF Lichfield Association spokesperson

Local groups have joined the association to create special decorated stones to mark VE Day, with residents asked to keep an eye out for them on their daily exercise.


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  1. did not know we had a RAF Association in lichfield will raise a glass or two

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