The cannabis plants seized by police

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Cannabis plants have been seized after a police raid in Lichfield.

They were found when officer carried out a warrant at a property on Field Road on 1st May.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“A number of plants were seized and the property was made safe.

“Two women from the city – aged 20 and 55 – were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the production of a controlled, Class B drug.

“Both have been released under investigation pending further enquiries.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Lock them up and throw away the keys they are just preying on vulnerable children and adults do they understand how much damage they are doing

  2. Cannabis use seems to be widespread in Lichfield, and I understand that cocaine is quite an issue too. Harry I’m sure if you look in the right places you’ll find drugs pretty much everywhere.

  3. It needs a lot more research. The present mind altering drugs can have serious medical consequences. This impacts on social and medical resources along with criminal and financial considerations.
    Most people seek some sort of relief from everyday life. Alcohol, tobacco, and even tea and coffee at the lower end. The first two can certainly do serious damage.
    It needs an alternative. There is no denying the demand. Proper government funded research could produce a safer alternative. Strangely L S D (yes I know!) has been shown to be non addictive.
    Darrell is absolutely right, but if you can’t stop people’s lifestyles then you can only try and modify them.
    This subject is very emotive. Almost taboo at the discussion level, but it won’t go away simply by criminalizing it.
    Lastly there has been research about people put in isolated situations. Most said they missed some sort of chemical stimulation.

  4. So S Bellamy.

    Do you have the same opinion of alcohol?

    I guess it’s ok as long as you can drink your drug.

    The “drug” isn’t the problem. The people using it as a means of income and abusing that, is the problem.

    If people could buy it legally and no have to rely on “dodgy” folks to supply it, you wouldn’t have people getting their fix “on tick” getting themselves into debt with the dealer which is where the trouble starts, with customers owing their dealer.
    There are plenty of cannabis users who are regular folks just like you.

    Don’t be so closed minded.
    You see the word cannabis and think smack head….. That’s YOUR problem
    Well, we are talking about Lichfield here……. Up their own arses.

  5. GOOD WORK GIRLS! WELL, MAYBE NOT THE GETTING CAUGHT PART Clearly the reader who suggested LSD has never taken it With all “chemicals” the mental health risks are far greater than a plant Look at how the synthetic cannabis “spice” turned out One thing to point out “old timer” is most of the weed now ends up sold on the Internet and delivered by royal mail We now have people owing their credit cards 33% to organised criminals who will ruin you life for years So how does all this fit in with your legalised utopia? In the US since legalisation of weed the number of illegal grows has increased because where do the dispensaries get it? And then customers go directly to black market dealers to avoid sales tax and business costs I’ve never heard such a bunch of nimby’s in my life at least you fools give me something to do for 3 minutes while I enjoy my joint

  6. You are quite right Stoner…. I have never taken anything stronger than an aspirin (and that not often). I was not suggesting LSD as a suitable alternative. It was developed to prolong the time military personnel could perform. It has some characteristics which might modify for recreational purposes, but that requires much more research. It is still used in some clinical situations. Of course I demure to you for personal experience but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the different affects it has had on individuals.
    The high end Poppy and Cocaine derivatives will kill you, or seriously damage your brain and organs. An alternative that does none of those things would be preferable. That is the point of my opinion.
    I do hope your drug use dose not have serious consequences on either your mental or physical life. Selfishly, I further hope you don’t become a financial liability to society through any care it might lead to.

  7. When American soldiers landed in North Africa in 1942, they were also operating under the influence of speed; half a million Benzedrine tablets were supplied on the orders of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    The problem came when it was realized a lot were hooked on it and no one had any idea what to do about it

  8. Should be legalised cannabis is scientifically found to be positive for many ailment
    This government in this country need to pull their finger out although it’s grown so the fat cats can’t tax hence why it isn’t legal, strange how it is in other countries and their drug control is so lower than the UK
    Alcohol is much worse drug and addiction and all the medicated drugs that people swallow daily pre gabs, diazepam etc people need to wise up!
    People just be smart don’t get caught next time
    Haven’t the police got far better to do like investigating murders rapists abusers your victims and families would far appreciate that oh wait you can’t act until something has actually happened shame on you!!!!

  9. Many cannabis users are prone to illogical and ill-informed rantings. Quite often they write in the same way.

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