Plans have been unveiled for a new 98 bedroom care home in Lichfield.

The development is being proposed for land off the Tamworth Road alongside the Lichfield Canal by Macc Care Ltd.

The scheme would also include 13 residential properties alongside the main care home.

The proposed layout of the site
The proposed layout of the site

A statement supporting the planning application said:

“The purpose built care home will offer a range of facilities for the residents which will include a hairdressing salon, gym, cinema, lounges, library and a coffee shop.

“All of these are intended to improve the quality of life for the residents of the home, along with the normal ‘hotel services’ including a commercial kitchen and laundry to provide on site facilities for the care home.

“The site is already allocated for residential development.

“The proposed development will ensure that the local communities have access to both the specialist care this home can bring, along with the additional housing it provides.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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22 replies on “Plans unveiled for 98 bedroom care home on land alongside the Lichfield Canal”

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  1. Oh no, not another one. That’s the last thing we need. Lichfield is becoming gods waiting room. It’s time properties for younger folks were prioritised.

  2. Yep, more affordable properties for young families, NOT. Still, a postal vote haven for the Tories.

  3. I thought that a planning application had already been submitted for this site to be a housing development.
    Originally it was going to be a marina for the canal (the lock can be seen in place). I suppose when planning restrictions were liberally lifted the owners rethought their generosity.
    If the city only had hairdresser shops it might be thought there was an inbalance. Apparently you can have any number of care homes without concern. I suppose the council will evaluate what gives them the best return.
    Personally I think the marina was by far the best option. Incidently the plans shown on the council site are unsharp and ambiguous. The site plan extends into part of the canal where it turns towards the Tamworth Road. Shoddy in the extreme. Or deliberate?

  4. I’m fast reaching the age of eligibility for such housing but frankly I don’t want to live in a city full of old people. Housing need in Lichfield, in particular social housing but affordable housing as well, is what’s needed for young families if we want our city to prosper, and to allow those born in Lichfield & District to remain in their home town if they so wish. But, sadly our council will give the go ahead because it’s easy pickings.

  5. The housing market is in for a very difficult time. A lot of people are furloughed and a number are likely to be made redundant soon. Mortgages will be down.

    Covid-19 is likely to be with us for a long time.

    There will be a number of care homes built. It will be interesting to see how this pandemic will impact on the Friarsgate site.

    Shops are struggling. Developers will not be able to sell homes. There are not many options for the site. Hopefully there will be a long term solution. Rather than a quick chance to make money and impact negatively on the city.

  6. Lichfield will be known as care home city. This development will bring nothing to the locality as all facilities are onsite. The Marina was a much better idea.

  7. My aunty was interested in moving to Lichfield- she’s in her late 70’s and always visited us, enjoyed the history of the place, etc. After quite a bit of research she said she’ll never come here because it’s so ‘full of old people and just not fun’.
    Go figure!
    The Marina would’ve brought tourists, enthusiasts and added some interest, perhaps if Lichfield keeps voting for the same thing every election we shouldn’t be surprised at this decision.
    Maybe at next local elections more independents with real interest and concern for local issues might be voted in. Not holding my breath, like…

  8. There’s quite a bit of naivety here in regards to how planning and the system works. I’ve read a lot about let’s have a cinema or let’s have big name clothes shops…the fact is that the council doesn’t control this. Yes, it can create conditions to try and attract the horses to the watering hole, but you can’t make them drink from it. Lichfield now has a limited appeal for the likes of entertainment or big retail due to the fact areas such as Tamworth and more latterly Cannock have created large scale, out of town centre developments. You can want a marina or waterpark, but if no-one wants to build one here it ain’t gonna happen.

    Planning history is also awry with one attractive scheme being put on the table in order to set a development precedent, only to be replaced further down the line by what developers really want to build. Planning is about local precedent so if a land parcel is earmarked for residential development because a smaller scheme has previously been touted then it can get any sort of housing within reason.

    Successive Governments have weighted the argument in favour of developers. Even when councils do resist, they face a costly appeal with developers who know most councils don’t have two taxpayer pennies to rub together. Even then, there’s still the chance it’ll get gazumped by the powers that be (see the Watery Lane development).

    So planning is rarely about what you or I want, it’s about meeting targets on housebuilding.

  9. They do not want to build houses not even expensive ones they want to build a care home, that is a money printing licence because the inhabitants pay to stay and be cared for. When they pass on the room is rented to another. The residents can be paying £1000 or £2000 a month each do the arithmetic

  10. Too true Wilf, there are also the backroom council advisors (a bit like the civil service) who are the puppet masters. It dosen’ t make it right though that local autonomy can be ridden rough shod over. What you are really implying is that both the County and Local councils effectively have little say in the community development. You are right, and a look at Lichfields development over the last decade shows that the build and vanish brigade have filled their boots and done just that. Infrastructure has been none existent or worse (the Southern Bypass!)
    So what is the point of our council if they don’t serve our needs? Answers on the back of a postage stamp please.

  11. Totally agree about the ” build, fill their boots and vanish brigade”. It seems that our planners care little about who they accept to build these urban sprawls. Only a while ago one such company from the south was accused allegedly of cheap building and expensive selling, large bonuses to the “fat cats”” at the top , little or nothing to the face workers, plus other complaints on a BBC 2 radio talk in programme. The builders name was a clearly beloved builder used often by our planners.

  12. I’m fed up with the way Lichfield is becoming the grey capital of the UK. Have lived here 31 years and it’s gradually becoming the home where I don’t want to live. There are too few young people here; where’s the promised cinema? Or some inspiring architecture instead of the dismal houses being built around Waitrose?Decent shops close to be replaced by vaping shops, more cafes, hairdressers etc. I despair! Lichfield used to stand out here in South Staffordshire, not any more. The lure of my home county of Yorkshire is slowly and relentlessly drawing me back.

  13. Clare once from Yorkshire always from Yorkshire. Lichfield is expanding fast there are 450 or so new houses to be built at the end of Claypit lane’ There was to be a bridge built over where the canal is going but got left of the developers plan that was passed by the council. Not sure how and if that was resolved. Lichfields boutique shops are not going to survive this so more and more bars,cafes and charity shops will spring up. The Kennings site development showed that non of the big stores or a cinema were going to work or it would have gone ahead. It is all out of town now ven Waitrose put their store on the edge of town

  14. I’m actually firmly against more housing – full stop. I don’t see the infrastructure being matched to support it. I’m so utterly sick of spending my life driving through the city centre and it taking so long because of the congestion. It’s hideous…and the answer seems to be “more houses….”

  15. I must be the only person who doesn’t recognise these traffic issues, any traffic is a fraction of what you will see in Birmingham or the hideously slow Wolverhampton.

  16. For the size of the city, it’s appalling. As it’s trying to get out Tesco on a Sat afternoon. And Xmas……forget it… may as well drive to an out of town place.

  17. I think that’s the point people are making Richard.

    I don’t go towards Wolverhampton very often but had the occasion to go to DKS rugby ground recently – you simply move from one conurbation to another, this is what Lichfield will become if house building continues unfettered.

  18. Care homes for elderly people giving up social housing need to be built as there is no provision for this in Lichfield now. My late mom was born in Lichfield and remained a resident all her life until she needed to move into a care home. But as she had always rented (originally council, then housing association) the closest care home the local authority would fund was in Burntwood. It could have been worse as they can search a 50 mile radius of your home town….that would be a 100 mile round trip. As a non driver it was difficult to visit regularly. The well off elderly are all that government, councils and planners care about. If you have no property to sell you are on the scrap heap and God help you.

  19. I am of senior years and recently moved back to Lichfield and agree maybe too many retirement homes.With a young outlook a good balance for all is needed.The marina enjoyment for all.

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