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A driver has been stopped by police in Lichfield after being clocked travelling at more than 120mph.

The BMW was stopped by officers on the A38.

“The driver was stopped for dangerous driving. He had also contravened a red light.

“By his own admission he was travelling at around 120mph and was making a non-essential journey.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

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  1. Hi ML – the picture is from Staffordshire Police of the incident and the car in the foreground is a BMW.

  2. Ross it may be but the one that is in front is the VW and normally they pull up behind no sign the VW is a police car not that it matters

  3. The VW is the unmarked police car (you can just see two red lights in the top of the rear window). It’s a de-badged Golf R – around 300BHP with a 0-60 of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

    Basically, if you look in your rear-view mirror and see that thing with its lights flashing, you’re toast.

    Good stop Lichfield Police!

  4. Many years ago the chief constable of North Wales Police described speeding as ‘the worst kind of anti-social behaviour,’ at the time I remember thinking he’d just gone a bit doolally, however as the years have progressed I’ve come around to his way of thinking.

    Speeding is a scourge, it is an entirely selfish endeavor, it is bad for environment and it puts lives at risk, road users and pedestrians alike.

    Hopefully this speed will see the driver get a hefty fine and a lengthy ban – there’s also the possibility of a custodial sentence due to the speed depending on his previous driving record.

  5. I live on a main road in Hammerwich Burtnwood which has a limit of 30mph but there is nothing in place to prevent speeding and during lockdown the speed of the majority of the motorists has been anything from 60/70mph upwards and with many more pedestrians it is absolutely crazy. Unfortunately we have seen no police presence at all in 7 weeks.

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