The rubbish dumped at the entrance to a field in Hammerwich
The rubbish dumped at the entrance to a field in Hammerwich. Picture: Clive Bailye

A Hammerwich farmer has taken matters into his own hands after piles of rubbish were dumped at an entrance to his land.

Clive Bailye, of TWB Farms in Hammerwich, was left with a clean-up job after bags of waste were left near a gate.

But after finding a letter with a name and address on amongst the dumped waste, he took to social media to share a picture of it – and ask for the rubbish to be removed.

The move saw criticism from some social media users, but the farmer insisted that he had taken the action after becoming frustrated with regular incidents of rubbish being dumped. He posted:

“If you had to deal with this almost everyday, I think you might feel the same.

“The countryside is there for recreation, wildlife and to put food on the shop shelves, not an open tip that we are expected to clear up because others can’t be bothered.

“This environmental vandalism needs to be stopped.”

Clive Bailye

The farmer’s post comes after Lichfield District Council reported a rise of more than a quarter in fly-tipping across Lichfield and Burntwood during the coronavirus lockdown.

“People seem to have very little respect”

Waste dumped outside the farm in Hammerwich. Picture: Clive Bailye

Mr Bailye told Lichfield Live dumping of rubbish around his farm had always been a problem, but had grown in recent weeks.

“It’s a big issue for us that we have to deal with.

“It’s always been an issue but does seem worse lately – people seem to have very little respect for the countryside, environment or those that have to clear it up.

“Quite often the fly-tipping is on our land rather than the gateway or roadside and then the clean up and disposal cost becomes ours.”

Clive Bailye

Lichfield District Council said incidents of fly-tipping on private land had gone up by 30% in April compared to the previous year.

Cllr Angela Lax, cabinet member for legal and regulatory services, said people needed to consider the impact of their actions when disposing of rubbish.

“We know the vast majority of our residents are responsible with their waste, and will be just as disappointed as we are to hear of the increase in fly-tipping that we’re experiencing at the moment.

“It’s really important to keep the district tidy, and our teams have been working hard to retain a full waste and recycling collection service.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

A spokesperson for Lichfield District Council confirmed they were “investigating this case, following a number of leads and discussing clean-up options”.


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8 replies on “Hammerwich farmer calls for locals to stop dumping waste in the countryside after sharing images of bags of rubbish left at his gate online”

  1. It is so wrong,penalties/ fines of a sizeable sum should be levied on identifiable culprits.

  2. Why not reopen the waste tips? It cannot be too difficult to manage social distancing and the cost of clearing up after these morons will be far greater.

  3. Cllr Angela Lax, cabinet member for legal and regulatory services, said people needed to consider the impact of their actions when disposing of rubbish.

    A rather banal statement Cllr. Lax. The type of people who do this will never consider their actions. All they are interested in is getting rid of their rubbish by whatever means. They may of course have considered the tip if it had been open.

  4. Mr Bailye “named and shamed” the possible culprit on social media. I wouldn’t advise doing that, as you don’t know the backstory (a friend of mine had left a couple of rubbish sacks at a flat she was leaving – 6 months later, the landlord did some rebuilding and hired someone to take away a lot of rubbish which was then flytipped and my innocent friend was pursued by the council on the grounds there was an envelope with her address on among the rubbish).
    However, Mr Bailye’s action does serve as a good reminded to people that you are liable if your rubbish is found to be flytipped, even if you paid someone to take it away for you.
    – Always use a contractor with a verifiable reputation.
    – They MUST have a waste carriers licence – ask to see it.
    – Get a receipt.

    Fly tipping is a problem all year round, not just because the tips are closed, although this is making it worse. There will be many households storing waste and can’t wait to get rid of it responsibly – the first few days when the tips are open again are going to be a nightmare for everyone!

  5. I won’t say you reap what you sow, fly tipping is illegal and should be punished heavily, however it seems inevitable that the recycling centres will reopen, yet nothing has changed, which begs the question as to why they were closed in the first place.

    I’m 100% sure that it wasn’t a cost saving exercise for the council, surely only cynic would think like that!

  6. I’ve posted this on my face book page, it Abysmal behaviour, the culprits need a hefty fine and made to clear up the offending waste matter and be named and shamed. Our country side is starting to benefit from lock down and it is coming to life we don’t need anymore pollutants added to our lovely village, farmers are having a tough time as it is without this happening.

  7. The person who was named and shamed by Mr Bailye hadn’t lived in the property where the rubbish originated from for nearly two years and received dogs abuse online. The property is currently being used as a ‘Hot -Bed’ doss house by a group of Polish men. They have little consideration towards the people they live near, have no idea how to use the refuse bins correctly and are also flouting social distancing rules by having weekend parties, with numbers of cars arriving in the early hours to the rear of the property where 8-12 unrelated people gather until late the next day. Also, by a very large coincidence, a large amount of rubbish disappeared from the garden of the named property to be found less than 2 miles away within 24 hours!!!!
    Also, I’d advise Mr Bailye to find out who owns the property as it’s a privately owned house which is rented out. Surely they should be held partly responsible for this ?

  8. You sure they are Poles it would seem that if any thing happens anywhere it is blame the Poles

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