The Old Brewery Maltings. Pic: Google Streetview
The Old Brewery Maltings. Pic: Google Streetview

Part of an historic building in Lichfield could be demolished to make way for a car park.

A planning application has been submitted for The Old Brewery Maltings on Davidson Road.

It would see part of the building knocked down to allow for a car park, with the remainder of the site transformed for commercial use.

The site once housed part of The Lichfield Brewery, but has recently been used as a builder’s yard.

Planning permission was previously granted for a complete demolition of the site with apartments built on the land.

But a statement supporting the new application said:

“The applicant favours retaining the bulk of the existing building and retaining it in commercial use.

“The existing building was constructed in the mid-19th Century and formed part of the complex of buildings associated with the former Lichfield Brewery.

“The local authority considers the building to constitute a non-designated heritage asset.

“The proposed demolition of part of the building, and to a lesser extent the modest extension to the roof at the north-east end of the building, will give rise to some loss of significance to the building as a non-designated heritage asset.

“However, that impact has to be weighed against the benefits of the proposal to the local economy in helping to sustain local employment opportunities, and in preserving the remainder of the building on the site.”

Planning statement

Full details on the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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2 replies on “Part of former brewery building in Lichfield could be demolished to make way for car park”

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  1. “A non-designated heritage asset.” Well is it an asset or not?
    For all these proposals that nibble around the edges of the city heritage there is always the caviat that it will make or preserve employment. The truth is probably somthing else.
    Perhaps the present generations are not interested in the concept of ‘heritage’. This is not unknown. The Victorians didn’t preserve anything that was past its use date.
    It will be the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ for Lichfield though. Who can remember when ‘The Swan’ was a historic coaching inn? And much, much else. I look at the many books on Lichfield with nostalgia. True we have to move on, but a building is an asset or it isn’t. The old brewery could become part of the tourist circuit. Or, more likely, a car park.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Philip Allso especially the caviat about employment. That’ll do it every time.

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