Doug Pullen

The leader of Lichfield District Council says local authority officials are liaising with police after travellers moved into a local park.

The group had originally parked up at Lichfield City FC earlier this week.

But they have since moved on to Stychbrook Park.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said talks were taking place on the issue.

“I’m aware that travellers have moved onto Stychbrook Park, having been moved on from Lichfield FC playing ground yesterday (9th May).

“We are liasing with police, our parks teams and local councillors to ensure this is concluded as swiftly as possible.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council


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12 replies on “Council in talks with police after travellers move on to Lichfield park”

  1. Stychbrook park is a very simple facility (basically just a field), but there is something about it that makes it a lovely place to relax and it is used by alot of people, dog walkers, people do fitness there, running, going for a walk, sitting and relaxing, or kick a football around with the kids, the fact that a bunch of travellers can just “waltz up” and dump their caravans and vehicles there, ruining it for so many people who use it so constructively and positively is absolutely disgusting, okay, maybe they have to go somewhere, but this is not right, come on Lichfield Council sort this out, and quickly please.

  2. what about the risks of these ‘travellers’ and Coronavirus?? since they seem to think none of our rules apply to them? & what about sanitation; this has me VERY WORRIED! never mind “talking about it” – Do something NOW! after all the sacrifices we’ve been making – WE DON’T NEED THIS DO WE!!

  3. This is not the first time they have TRESPASSED on there. It was then left in an awful mess with amongst other rubbish, human waste polluting the field. Obviously the cost of clean up borne by the council. As miss Johns states the present situation requires speedy action. Surely the Emergency coronavirus laws should have priority over the usual action required for their removal .

  4. Johnneo the cost of cleaning up is not met by the council it is met by you and me the council tax payer. Like government the council does not make money it spends yours

  5. ML yes I realise that, unfortunately everything the council spends comes from us. Sometimes not to our benefit as in this case. Only hope it doesn’t affect the leisure centre!

  6. Loads of travellers children and adults now playing on the playground which has been closed to locals due to corona virus. Will the council be sterilising the equipment? Don’t the rules apply to travellers?

  7. My guess is that there is a fear from the police that if they attempt to challenge these people, they will simply create more havoc. Damage limitation in the face of mob rule. Utterly lawless and untouchable.

  8. Watched them speeding up and down the park in their vans at high speed yesterday and rang the Police immediately in fear of somebody getting hurt or worse and the Police failed to turn up. They ended up crashing through the hedgerow at the bottom onto the footpath behind, nearly through a residents garden fence. Luckily no innocent person was hurt. Why didn’t you respond Staffordshire Police? They could of killed someone.

  9. Richard, absolutely right, a law unto themselves. Probably quote racial discrimination when challenged by police. Do they ever have their vehicles checked for road tax, insurance,mot, I doubt it. Where do dvla send their reminders to: A traveller, mobile home, somewhere in U.K.? They’ll soon be knocking on doors offering tarmacking, rubbish removal etc. Refusal will send them on their way.

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