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A Lichfield charity has urged councils to utilise the knowledge of local organisations to address new Government advice for people to cycle and walk rather than use public transport during the coronavirus crisis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined steps to be taken as part of a bid to bring the country out of lockdown and get parts of the economy up and running again.

Among the measures include advice to walk or cycle where possible rather than using public transport.

It comes after a warning that social distancing could see a reduction of 90% in capacity on some trains and buses.

The trustees of Lichfield Re:Cycle have now written to Staffordshire County Council and Lichfield District Council, urging them to utilise local expertise to address the challenges any new strategy may pose.

“We hope that the experience and local knowledge of charities like ours, that have been enabling people to cycle for several years, will be utilised to provide advice for short term improvements.

“We are also happy to contribute to the discussion about longer term and sustainable solutions around increasing active travel whether that be in practical, policy or design terms.

“Though we recognise this guidance will primarily be acted on by Staffordshire County Council, we feel sure there is a role in localities across the county to utilise the expertise from all councils and other interested parties.

“We look forward to hearing what action will be taken in the coming days, weeks and months to increase and support active travel options.”


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  1. Be interesting to know what proportion of lichfield workers set of to Birmingham every day, A bit of a long cycle ride. And do not know what it is like at the moment but before this Trent Valley was busy with the London comuters in the mornings

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