People in Lichfield and Burntwood have been urged to use “common sense” as the nation enters the next stage of the Government’s coronavirus strategy.

The Stay Home message used since the lockdown began in March has been replaced by a Stay Alert strategy.

It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined plans to begin to get some industries back to work.

Lichfield and Burntwood MP Michael Fabricant said people needed to continue to heed official guidance.

“The Prime Minister is clear – social distancing must remain until COVID-19 is defeated – and that is unlikely to happen until we have a vaccine.

“Stay Alert means using your common sense to avoid infection by close contact with others or being in contact with surfaces others have touched.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

13 replies on “MP urges people in Lichfield and Burntwood to use “common sense” in latest stage of coronavirus fight”

  1. Absolute shambles. Even the Foreign Secretary has no clue what the rules are this morning.
    I suspect libertarian tories are delighted at starting to ‘get their lives back’ but knowing that lower paid workers – who by and large never locked down and had no choice – are most at risk of dying of the virus, let’s hope common sense prevails like the MP says.
    Why are they most at risk? Because they’ve been out and about, they can’t afford to stay at home.
    In reality though, this terrible messaging will cost lives.
    Stay safe, no, stay alert. Stay at home but go to work on your bike, no, sit in the park but only meet your mom not your dad…
    Start blaming the people not the govt. Use common sense. Shambles.

  2. I appluad the use of the phrase “common sense”.
    It seems that in the last 10 years or possibly longer, common sense has become a dirty word. There are so many examples of poor decisions and downright stupidity we have actually “witnessed” as factually real events, that would all have been very different if common sense had been applicable.
    Common sense is not a dirty word. It is the thing we are lacking.
    Neither is common courtesy a dirty word. Or respect. Or decency. Or moral values.
    Perhaps we need to get back to the basic cornerstones of what “society” should be, rather than regard them as dirty words?
    Just a thought.

  3. Why are reception and Y1 pupils first to return to school??

    How is it possible to expect 30 4yr olds to keep 2M apart??

    That’s not common sense.

  4. Barry, we do tend to judge people by our own standards. “Common Sense” is less common than it ought to be. I have spent a lifetime being dissapointed by the selfishness some display; thankfully offset by some amazing generosity of spirit from others.
    Many will see the new legislation as an excuse for anything. It is no joke! If there is an increase in infections it might well prove difficult to reverse the new conditions.
    Our situation is like being on an island surrounded by shark infested water. People keep asking if it is safe to swim to the mainland yet; and egging others on to take the first dip. Some even think it worth the chance. The shark pack increases, the survivers get less.

  5. Well thanks for your intelligent expansion of Fabbo’s fatuous advice. I would like, with your permission, to copy it to Johnson, to remind him that not one of the qualities you mention have been displayed by him or his Government.
    BTW the only piece of commonsense you need is a simple formula: viral load x exposure time = probability of infection.
    That’s why shopping at Morrisons is far more dangerous than walking alone on the Chase.

  6. Common Sense.
    Unfortunately neither the current Government or this Politician has any.
    Patronising is the word most appropriate for the way, that I see is being said.
    Stay Home, nonsense.
    Save the NHS (there are other frontline)
    Save Lives . Sadly we will pay the price.

    WishWash Badly Handled Too Little Too Late

  7. Common sense? Which resulted in a segment of society panic buying and leaving nothing for those most vulnerable. Government is there to govern and maintain our society, particularly at times of national crisis, the present response is weak, confusing and shambolic.

  8. When this buffoon was elected PM mainly for his brexit quotations people believed that they were getting a new Winston Churchill but sadly we got Winnie the Poo.

  9. It’s a ruse. Tell the people to use their common sense, and I’m all for that, but really? Does BJ really believe that the majority of people possess this? No, not in his world or mine. He needs a fall back so that when the second wave arrives and it will, he can blame us. “I did tell the people to use their common sense, and they didn’t. So you can’t blame us, the Government. We did warn you.”

  10. Can someone tell me because I’m thick,why people are told to go to work, ease lockdown but have no track and trace system in place. Remember the Carry on films,The next new saying should be Carry On Dieing.

  11. Simon Robinson – you’re clearly not using your dollop of British common sense there. Be more positive, the MP says it’s all very clear.

  12. If testing-tracing-quarantine was in place for all including the airports and ports, then we would have true figures for risk and death rates, as well as a rational system based on public health foundations. We have none of it. Commonsense cannot conquer ineptitude, but the Government can play the blame game well.

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