A group of travellers remain in place on a Lichfield park – despite a deadline forcing them to move on passing.

One of the footpaths blocked at Stychbrook Park after travellers moved on to the site

Caravans and vehicles were due to leave Stychbrook Park by 10am this morning after Lichfield District Council served an order yesterday (11th May).

Some had been reported to have left the site today, but despite the deadline passing a number of vehicles still remain.

Damage to the hedgerow at Stychbrook Park

Local residents have also called for swift action after damage was caused to hedgerows and pathways were around the site were left blocked off.

“I watched them speeding up and down the park in their vans and they ended up crashing through the hedgerow at the bottom onto the footpath behind, nearly going through a garden fence.

“Luckily no innocent person was hurt, but they could have killed someone.”

Resident living near Stychbrook Park

There have also been reports of children from the group using the play areas which were sealed off as part of coronavirus restrictions.


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  1. Now we are opening up businesses. Can we please have a clean up in town centre and surrounding areas. The rubbish in bird street by the side of the pub and the Chinese is disgusting and a breading ground for rats. Let make Lichfield a welcome site for our visitors and help our shops get back to some normality.

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