Cllr Di Evans
Cllr Di Evans

Councillors have been praised for their efforts to create “a better Burntwood”.

The comments came from Cllr Di Evans in a report to be heard at the annual meeting of Burntwood Town Council this evening (13th May).

She admitted that her year in the chair had been “very different” to what she had envisaged at the outset.

But Cllr Evans said a common goal on creating a brighter future for Burntwood had allowed progress to be made in a number of areas.

“Last May, after the elections, the Labour group took control of the council and from the start we declared we were going to make it much more inclusive for the public to be involved and also to ensure that we would make our great town a better Burntwood.

“Over the year, the whole council has worked hard to achieve this and our full town council meetings have been held at various locations across the town.

“We have also expanded the time that the public can speak during the meetings, so that they feel more involved in the activities of the council for their benefit.

“We have also reorganised the committee structure, which is now much more successful and we will continue to improve as time goes on.”

Cllr Di Evans, Burntwood Town Council

“Very humbling”

Cllr Evans said that while the coronavirus outbreak had curtailed many of the activities of her role as chairman, she had been able to see first hand the efforts of local community groups.

“I was visiting many organisations in Burntwood, both in the voluntary and paid sector, who have been doing a sterling job to provide opportunities for the community to participate in.

“It is very humbling to realise how many people devote a considerable amount of time on a voluntary basis, to help others and I would like to thank them most sincerely.

“My charity was in aid of dementia as the council is working towards becoming a dementia-friendly town.

“I arranged a number of fundraising events and one had taken place already in conjunction with St Anne’s Church, for which I was very grateful.

“Unfortunately, then came the awful pandemic which we are sadly still experiencing and so other ventures have had to be put on hold.

“However, I was lucky enough between last May and March this year, to be invited to attend many groups, care homes and civic functions on behalf of the council.

“This allowed me to observe the wide variety of facilities that are available for people of all ages to be involved with if they wish.”

Cllr Di Evans, Burntwood Town Council


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