A Lichfield writing group has shared a poem it hopes will inspire those still facing the challenges of coping with coronavirus.

Graham Corcoran, a member of Lichfield Writers, penned his piece reflecting on the challenges facing people during the coronavirus restrictions.

Hugh Ashton, from the group, said:

“Graham was born in Birmingham but has lived in Lichfield for the past 40 years. He enjoys writing poetry and has had two books published by the Lichfield Press.

“This poem was originally written in a greeting card produced by Graham for the
members of the Lichfield Writers, a writing group which in happier times meets twice a month in term-time, usually in the Library in St Mary’s.

“Typically, Graham writes somewhat humorous verse, but this obviously is a little more serious.

“I think it might prove somewhat inspirational to those who are getting a little tired of lockdown and wonder whether it’s all worth it.”

Hugh Ashton, Lichfield Writers

Graham’s poem:

Unloved and uninvited
There’s an enemy within;
It wants to drag us under
But we’ll never let it win.

With far too many casualties
And more to come, no doubt,
United now, let’s do our best
To kick this monster out.

With nurses, doctors, family, friends,
It’s something we can beat;
Let’s not be just a memory,
Statistics on a sheet.

Even those in lockdown
As they tuck themselves away
Can proudly claim they did their best
To keep the bugs at bay.

With courage and compassion
We can surely see it through;
We’ll win the day…we’ll find our path,
It’s what we always do.

Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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