Rubbish dumped near a bin
Rubbish dumped near a bin around Armitage and Handsacre

A Lichfield councillor has urged people to have respect for others after rubbish was dumped in Handsacre.

Bags of waste were left next to an overflowing bin on a canal towpath this morning (15th May) – the second incident in as many weeks.

It comes despite local household waste recycling centres across Staffordshire reopening yesterday.

Cllr Richard Cox said the actions of those behind the incidents of fly-tipping in Armitage and Handsacre were not acceptable.

Cllr Richard Cox

“I’m furious that this is the second time in a week or two it has happened.

“It has got to stop.

“I plead with members of the public to keep your rubbish or dispose of it correctly.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

Figures from Lichfield District Council revealed that incidents of fly-tipping had risen by more than a quarter while the household waste and recycling centres are shut.

Cllr Cox slammed those responsible for taking the “lazy” option.

Rubbish dumped earlier this month

“The tips are now open, so may I suggest that people take their rubbish there now, or keep it at home.

“We’ve all got plenty to do while we are struggling in this crisis, so I urge all to deliver a bit of respect for everybody else within our village.

“If you are from outside and have left it, may I suggest that you keep away in future because this is not fair, not right and it’s downright lazy.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council


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  1. Well the people walking dogs just leaving dog waste Across paths across the fields I am totally disgusted with actions of what I call them total ratbag makes me wonder the farmer is great to let us walk is fields and this is what they do

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