The work of Lichfield Live features in a new book about the impact of coronavirus on the media.

The Virus and The Media, edited by John Mair, looks at how the COVID-19 crisis might reshape local, national and international journalism.

It includes chapters from Alan Rusbridger, former editor of The Guardian, leading media commentator Roy Greenslade, and ex-Daily Mirror editor David Banks.

Lichfield Live editor Ross Hawkes is also behind one of the chapters, titled Local news: who will supply the demand in post-pandemic communities?. He said:

“It’s been great to be included in this book alongside some key figures from the media world.

“The chapter was a chance to bring some of my own thoughts on the way Lichfield Live has evolved during the crisis and responded to the demand for trusted news and information.

“We’ve seen record audience figures showing people have a connection with their locality and what to know more about their communities in a way they didn’t perhaps before the outbreak.

“From interviews I did for the chapter with other independent publishers, it’s clear we’re not the only ones seeing these huge jumps in audience figures and engagement.

“But the irony of all of this is that while an apparent renaissance in local news is happening, traditional publishers have mothballed their publications.

“The chapter tries to examine how these changing landscapes and new, more locally-connected communities might reshape the world of local media beyond the current crisis.”

Ross Hawkes, Lichfield Live

The Virus and the Media by Bite-Sized Books, edited by John Mair, is available now on Amazon.

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  1. I’m sure there will always be a demand for local news and for trusted local providers – and at a time when traditional publishers are struggling to resource that coverage we are fortunate to have organisations like Lichfield Live to shine a light on our community!

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