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Police in Lichfield and Burntwood are taking part in a campaign to tackle speeding drivers.

The operation launched yesterday (18th May) in a bid to ensure people stick to the limits as they return to the roads after the coronavirus lockdown.

The campaign is split into two phases, with the first spreading the message on social media, before an increase in visible speed enforcement at speeding hotspots from 25th May.

Chief Inspector Matt Derrick, from Staffordshire Roads Policing Unit, said:

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“As people begin to use the roads more as lockdown restrictions are eased, we’re asking all road users to travel within the speed limits.

“Remember just a few extra miles per hour can make all the difference to your reaction, breaking distances and ultimate consequence of any collision.

“Although the roads have been significantly quieter during lockdown, sadly we have seen some very excessive speeds on our county’s roads.

“Now more than ever we need people to be speed aware and protect themselves and other road users; particularly at a time when more cyclists and pedestrians are about. 

“This campaign supports our on-going work as part of Operation Lightning, which aims to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads of Staffordshire and to disrupt and deter criminals from using the road network.”

Chief Inspector Matt Derrick, Staffordshire Police


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. I find ‘police join campaign to tackle speeding speeding’ an interesting statement of someone doing their job, that said – it’s a very welcome initiative.

    As someone who lives on a busy road just outside Lichfield, speeding is a constant issue.

    From freedom of information requests we have submitted we know that we have the same volume of traffic as a dual carriageway, with 74% recorded speeding offences (45mph+) when the Safety Camera Van attends, yet Highways/Staffordshire CC/LDC are utterly intransigent to the prospect of putting in average speed cameras, yet it was deemed significant enough a problem that a bypass was considered some years ago. Funny that.

    Evidently the changing habits approach and the messaging (“Think!”) has not worked, it is time for rigid enforcement, more points, increased fines. People have the attitude that speeding is some right, that speed limits are simply a hindrance to their journey – with no thought of the residents who live in these villages. Time for the hammer.

  2. Someone needs to do a check on the speeding cars coming through Baker street in burntwood as they then speed onto queen street as they exit Baker street !!!! Idiots !!!! They are going to kill someone .

  3. Even a comparatively small road like ours (Fecknam Way) has become a nightmare, especially since traffic lights were installed on the Brownsfield Road/ Eastern Avenue junction. Cars and motorcycles tear up the hill, and then are faced with a long(ish) section of straight road- and do they go for it!!
    Many years ago, a Community Policewoman came to our door to ask if we had any concerns about the neighbourhood (yes, I did say it was many years ago!) We mentioned speeding cars (even then), and to our surprise she came back a few days later to ask if we would be willing to operate a speed gun, to help them monitor the problem. My husband and another neighbour volunteered, but then she came back to say that Staffordshire County Council had vetoed it.

  4. Have to agree with Mrs H. Eastern Avenue from Brownsfield Road heading up to the petrol station is like a race track and an accident waiting to happen. Surely there is a need for fixed cameras and increased fines.

  5. Mrs H – unfortunately speed guns don’t provide reliable evidence unless they’re attached to something stationary. It only takes a slight movement of the hand the gun is being held in to add a fairly significant error (either way) to the speed recorded.

  6. The north Lichfield estates have a 20mph limit which is constantly ignored (plus the dreaded pot hills ) Sadly some residents are culprits. Cars regularly speed along grange lane which is a rat run to A515. Making the section to there from eastern avenue one way would alleviate some of the problems.

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