Cllr Dave Robertson and Cllr Sara Pritchard

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A councillor who has attended less than a third of Lichfield City Council meetings in the past year has been accused of letting down voters.

Figures revealed that Cllr Sara Pritchard, who represents the Leomansley ward, had been to only six of the 22 sessions she could have in the last 12 months.

Cllr Dave Robertson, Labour representative for the Curborough ward, said voters had been let down by the Conservative member.

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“It’s really disappointing that a new councillor, who was elected for the first time in May 2019, should have such a woeful attendance at meetings of the council and its committees. 

“The residents of Leomansley went to the ballot box last May to select people who would represent their interests at formal council discussions.

“To see one of their elected representatives missing so much of that business must be a real disappointment to those who chose to place their trust in Cllr Pritchard.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield City Council

Cllr Robertson topped the attendance table for Lichfield City Council with a 96% rate of attendance.

He said:

“It is particularly worrying that this pattern of poor attendance by the Conservative councillor at meetings long predates the coronavirus pandemic.

“Indeed, Cllr Pritchard only attended one meeting in the last six months of 2019, just enough to avoid having her election lapse.

“I am sure that the residents of Leomansley would expect better.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield City Council

On the eve of the election results which saw her elected last May, Cllr Pritchard told her social media followers that she was ready to work for voters whatever the results. She wrote:

“I’m in for the long game regardless – I won’t be going anywhere.

“I’ll still keep debating and engaging with the good people of Lichfield.”

Cllr Sara Pritchard’s social media post in May 2019

Cllr Pritchard has not responded to a request for comment on the latest attendance figures.


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  1. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.
    All Lichfield councilors are conspicuous by their absence. They say they represent the people of lichfield I beg to differ. Especially in the boley park ward. In fact you never see any of them.

  2. I recall Cllr Pritchard’s election campaign as she seemed to generate a lot of support from some senior party people who saw her as much needed “new blood”.
    I remained largely unimpressed as her campaign seemed a lot of “me, me, me” and she was very reliant on social media. Her grasp on her real world appeared rather flimsy.
    She won the seat with a lot of promises but since the election all we have really had is silence. These figures of attendance appear to explain why she has failed to deliver on her campaign promises. I feel let down, as do a lot of fellow voters. I also believe an explanation is long overdue.

  3. Very reliant on social media.
    Me me me.
    Flimsy grasp on the real world.

    I couldn’t imagine anyone like that would be a suitable representative for the local community.

  4. Disgraceful! Public office should be regarded as a privilege and an honour. She appears not to have regard for either.
    Her response if we ever get one will be interesting. My breath is bated!

  5. Has Councillor Pritchard been spotted yet? Has she responded to Lichfield Life’s request for a comment? Has she been seen in Durham recently?
    Some sort of response from her would be good.

    What is the process for having her impeached and removed from office? Does anyone know?

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