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The safety of staff and pupils will be at the forefront of the decision on whether to reopen schools in June, the MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has said.

The Government announced earlier this month that pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 would be returning to class from 1st June.

But some schools have said they are unsure exactly when they will reopen.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the decision would ultimately lie with headteachers and governors.

“Following discussions I have had with John Henderson, the chief executive of Staffordshire County Council, and leader Cllr Philip Atkins, I am even more convinced than ever that while primary schools should make every effort to open for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, that should be the decision for each individual school as to whether it is safe to do so.

“The key is safety for the children first and foremost, for the adults working at the school and for parents.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant added that a one-size fits all approach would not work given the differences between different settings.

“The county is providing advice when sought, but social distancing will be the key.

“To a large extent that will depend on the layout of the school.

“Clearly, this will be easier in schools with spacious modern classrooms than in some old, Victorian built schools.

“But with years 2, 3, 4 and 5 not being asked to return yet – around half of each school’s students – this will help in ensuring a two metre separation can be maintained.

“The headteacher and school governors will be aware of the urgent need for schools to open before too long and it is they who must make that judgment.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Mafeking has been relieved. Glad our MP is at last listening to parents and teachers.
    PS Did he complain about the A5190 Lichfield Road,Burntwood whilst he was talking (?) to the County Council Leader and Chief Executive? Lichfield Live and I are still waiting hear about this http://tiny.cc/oevjpz.

  2. It is reassuring that we have strong leadership from our MP who is making sure that the right decisions are taken locally.
    I think it is right that measures are being put in place and I applaud the work of our MP and the council in doing this. But I also agree that schools should only re-open if the headmasters, their staff and parents agree it is the right thing to do. Different schools will have different responses and that is perfectly acceptable. What works for one school will not work for another and vice/versa.
    As long as we continue to have this type of strong, clear and stable leadership from the top then the right outcomes will follow.

  3. I know I am easily confused.

    Thérèse Coffey has suggested “wrong” scientific advice could have led to blunders in the Government’s response to the pandemic.


    Now, the same group of scientists are saying, it is OK for children to return to school.

    Are these scientists informed, or incompetent?

    It would be useful to know. When deciding if children should return to school

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