Cllr Di Evans
Cllr Di Evans

A Burntwood councillor has spoken of her “utter disgust at the antics of Dominic Cummings”.

Cllr Diane Evans, chairman of Burntwood Town Council, made her comments ahead of a statement by the Prime Minister’s senior advisor this afternoon (25th May).

She said that the actions of Mr Cummings in travelling to Durham during lockdown had undermined the efforts of people who were staying at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

“I know that Burntwood residents on the whole are valuing each other and are observing the rules.

“I am asking them to ignore the Cummings example and continue respect and care for each other, in order to protect us all.

“This has clearly been demonstrated over the past few weeks, as we have witnessed the tremendous community spirit that exists here by residents helping and supporting each other, particularly via Burntwood Be A Friend and other organisations in the town.”

Cllr Diane Evans, Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Evans also called for Lichfield and Burntwood MP Michael Fabricant to condemn the actions of Mr Cummings.

“Mr Fabricant is failing to show leadership”

Michael Fabricant

He said he “neither supports nor condemns” Boris Johnson’s advisor, before later adding that he understood the anger of residents about the issue.

“As our MP, Mr Fabricant is failing to show leadership and therefore is not supporting his constituents by not condemning the absolutely disgraceful behaviour of Dominic Cummings.

“I urge Burntwood residents to stay safe and to continue to behave in the magnificent way they have nearly all been doing so far, by observing the instructions, so that in the end we will come out of this as a better Burntwood for all of us.”

Cllr Diane Evans, Burntwood Town Council

Conservative MP Mr Fabricant said that rules should be for all – but said it had not been confirmed whether Mr Cummings had breached any regulations.

“With regard to Dominic Cummings, it is not clear he has broken the rules.

“He has a vulnerable 4 year old and – as I understand it – when one of the child’s parents became ill, they decided to drive direct to the grandparent’s house where the child could be cared for and they could isolate for 14 days in a separate building.

“This is permissible under the regulations as there are clear written exemptions in the case of children’s welfare.

“Provided that this was adhered to, and in particular that he did not break the full quarantine period, that he remained at home with his wife and came into no contact with others, Cummings acted within the rules.”

Michael Fabricant MP


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