Doug Pullen
Doug Pullen

The Conservative leader of Lichfield District Council has said Dominic Cummings should have left his post when his trip to Durham was first uncovered.

The Prime Minister’s senior advisor has been defending his actions during a press conference this afternoon (25th May).

He travelled from his home in London to stay at a property on his parents’ estate during the coronavirus lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stood by Mr Cummings insisting he had done nothing wrong.

But Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said he was surprised the action had not been taken already to nip the controversy in the bud.

“It’s quite extraordinary that an advisor is getting so much leeway from the Government.

“The Government has spent months building huge amounts of political capital, and appears to have lost it in a single weekend.

“Cummings should have gone as soon as these revelations came to light.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Pullen’s comments come after the leader of Burntwood Town Council expressed her “utter disgust” at the actions of Mr Cummings.


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18 replies on “Conservative leader of Lichfield District Council says Dominic Cummings “should have gone” as soon as Durham trip came to light”

  1. The press and anyone who wants to push themselves into the limelight have an opinion on Dominic Cummings. Let the government do their job and concentrate on keeping the country safe.

  2. Fabricant is about to turn 70 and is increasingly out of touch with the realities of his constituents’ lives, as shown by his cop-out on this issue. I am not a Conservative, but if I were on their local selection committee I would be looking to put him out to pasture. There are some decent, hardworking Conservative MPs out there, and Lichfield deserves somebody younger and more intelligent. *

    *I should clarify that I am not Doug Pullen and have no connection to Mr Pullen!

  3. Wow – well said Mr Pullen.

    At last someone who’s happy not to sit on the “Fabricant Fence / Fab Fence?”.

    You have a new fan, Doug!

  4. 14th April Alice Cummings appointed to NHS track-n-trace IDOX trustees ( what’s that the dividend shell company of IDOX PLC ) 14th April. She’s hidden in the company structure. Trip to Durham to cement the cronyism?!

  5. As a long-term supporter of the Conservatives nationally and locally, I have to say I have been far more impressed with Cllr Pullen’s leadership than we have seen from supposedly more experienced elected politicians. I think his reaction and tone on this is just right. His leadership of the council has been good so far and he certainly appears to be more in keeping with the Conservative values that I have consistently voted for in the last few years. Someone has made a comment about the age of our current MP and maybe it is time to change. I don’t believe age is a factor at all, but I do believe Cllr Pullen is displaying sufficient weight, gravitas and understanding of what the average voter believes. If he was to stand as a Conservative candidate in a General Election he would most certainly get my vote. I am surprised at myself for saying this – but the events of recent weeks suggest to me that the need for a new approach from the Conservatives locally has arrived and Cllr Pullen would represent that change.

  6. “ let the government do its job and keep the country safe” Wrong on both counts. That’s precisely what they haven’t been doing as the death toll will testify.

  7. Well said Barry Scott.

    I’m not a traditional Tory voter but, Doug has really impressed me. I have far more faith in him than our MP.

  8. I would have been more disgusted if Mr Cummings had not looked after his vulnerable child

  9. The child is supposed to be autistic I had a lady friend who had an autistic son,he did not like change of any sort,needed continuety not shoving in a car and driving 300 miles to see people he saw once in a blue moon. Cummins is a charlatan and is not telling the truth about autism

  10. I don’t think it is an issue of ‘looking after a vulnerable child’. Many were in that situation and far worse. It is about double standards. What is people’s credibility? Did YOU honestly believe that he stuck to the laws he created. This especially when the government are now NOT going to reimburse those who were fined for doing similar for their vulnerable children.
    This has to be above party politics. They keep saying that Cummings has integrity. Well has he? I think I would remember if the car needed petrol after driving from London to Durham to Barnard Castle and back. And he has a unique four year old who does not need the toilet frequently.
    No he is a lier. The choreographed defence does him, the government and, more importantly, the country harm. Someone with integrity would have simply said “sorry I got it wrong. I was under pressure and now realise I sent the wrong message to society who have supported us so well. Please accept my heartfelt apology.”
    There you go…. And I’m not even a rich government adviser.

  11. All the people who voted this shower in to be rid of ‘unelected bureaucrats’ what do you think about this then.
    His fairytale story was clearly constructed around what he’d done, the guidance was retrospectively changed to cover him and the govt look like rabbits in headlights trying desperately to justify this. They look pathetic.
    The UK had the worst per capita death rate in the world last week, over 60000 excess deaths yet everyone looking forward to going for a pint or shopping down the the market? Unbelievable.

  12. You are absolutely right, Kitty. My spouse and I stayed home and looked after our child when we were both ill with Covid-19 for several weeks from mid-March onwards. It was hard. Seems we needn’t have bothered: we’d have been better parents if we’d driven a couple of hundred miles and sought help from our in-laws, according to Bozo the Clown. The minute this shower of **** starts telling you it’s safe to go out again, best start making plans to stay home until 2024.

  13. Lichvegas, you did the right thing, obviously.
    Glad you & your spouse are recovered, presumably you weren’t tested and you won’t be included in the totals. If and when a track & trace comes in, we’ll review our stay at home policy.
    We are lucky to have a back garden and don’t feel any need to go out yet.
    I have lost any trust in this amateur govt to protect people and will use my ‘common sense’ which is telling me to stay put.
    UK figures for the virus are terrifying and not being given much attention.

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