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The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood says he “neither supports nor condemns” Dominic Cummings.

The Prime Minister’s special advisor has been at the centre of controversy over a journey he made to Durham from London during the coronavirus lockdown.

Nine Conservative MPs have called for him to resign, despite Boris Johnson backing Mr Cummings at the daily coronavirus press briefing yesterday (25th May).

Lichfield and Burntwood MP Michael Fabricant said he would not be joining a “twitter kangaroo court” on the subject.

“I neither support nor condemn Cummings.

“I am unaware of all the details, so I make no premature judgement.

“It is all too easy for the mostly anonymous twitter kangaroo court who are ignorant of the truth, the facts and fairness, to wield prematurely the axe.”

Michael Fabricant MP

In a reply on social media, Mr Fabricant added that there were differences between the situation of Mr Cummings and those of other key figures who have been at the centre of similar controversies, such as Government scientific advisor Prof Neil Ferguson and Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood.

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  1. Cummings is not a “normal” member of public, going to his parents with his family. A Senior aide to the PM, surely should have informed security services of his movements, who would have alerted local Durham police force of his location while on their patch. This would be on record, cleared by No.10 Met Police protection unit, anti terrorism, National Security asset etc etc all above board and totally explainable.

    Or he packed his car, fled London without any notification and got his dad to call Durham Police to let them know he was there, leaving No.10 to pick up the pieces and coming up with a cock & bull cover story about child care and flouting National Security measures because of a massive self sense of importance.

    I’m going for the latter version.
    The man is a liability and should be dropped faster than a lead balloon.

  2. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the real lives people live, in his constituency and across the country. At a time when people are looking for leadership, he sits on the fence yet again. Pathetic.

  3. Says all you need to know about Fabbo, who also flirted with breaking rules. Defines “sycophant”. Pity we can’t have a decent MP, there are some good Tory constituency MPs out there.

  4. As a lifelong member of the Conservative Party I feel ashamed of our MP, the Cabinet, those senior party people who are backing Mr Cummings and mostly of our Prime Minister. This is not the party I know and support. This must end.

  5. Truly pathetic. Tory man. Brexit No Deal supporter. The MP who at Lichfield hustings said “After Brexit, we’re going to be wealthier”. He didn’t say who “we” referred to, but you ought to understand he didn’t mean you and me – but rather Brexiter MPs and Tory donors that’s who. Fabricant is part of the Vote Leave government. Tory MPs lack principles or judgement. Which is why UK is suffering more than almost any other country with Covid-19. And also why we are headed for No Deal Brexit at end of 2020. Lockdown has been undermined by Cummings & Johnson but Fabricant has nothing to say. Cummings clearly broke government’s own guidelines. A slap in the face to all decent law abiding sensible people. This government can do what they want and there is no stopping them now. UK is not a democracy. We are governed by morons. No cost is too great to them. Lives really don’t matter. 60,000 and counting. There’s going to be another massive spike in Covid-19 as a direct result of Cummings breach of rules and Johnson’s support.

  6. Integrity is defined as that which needs no rule book. We all know that what happened was indefensible unless you have people in high places who will weasel you a defence.
    Do you have integrity Mr Fabricant? You can’t have no opinion on the subject and you know enough of the facts to express a proper one.
    There are times when our so called democracy calls on its subjects to make sacrifices. Some of us are still alive to remember relatives who died fighting for that belief. Coronavirus has been just such an instance of our joint responsibility.
    I think Cummings should be removed from his position for gross neglect of his responsibilities. I further believe that all those who have supported this farce should be answerable. Mr Fabricant this is not the sort of democracy we want. We have already had Thatcher’s Nanny State, we do not need Boris Johnson’s prep school authority.
    You are in danger of creating a calamitous situation of losing the trust of the British people. There are times when those of trust need to be counted. State your position so that we can make a judgment.

  7. The mask is slipping and those poor people who voted Johnson in for the first time are seeing exactly what he thinks of them.
    I’m disgusted by this behaviour of Cummings and so sorry for all those who have stuck by the guidance properly who will have sacrificed seeing their own vulnerable family members to stop the virus spreading.
    I have a 90+ year old family member in the Durham area who has dementia and lives at home. In order to keep her away from care homes her son moved in with her and hasn’t seen his own kids and grandkids for 11 weeks.
    These millionaire elites are taking the proverbial out of all of us.

  8. Do we expect MF to say anything useful? I am not really interested in his opinion as it will change according to wind direction.
    65 million people have followed the lockdown rules diligently and one Government Advisor reads the small print allegedly and behaves in a significantly different way. BoJo and his cronies have no respect for the population.
    What does the Bishop of Lichfield say on the matter? Several bishops have openly criticised Boris.

  9. More than breaking the ‘Lockdown’ rules, what I find interesting Mr F is this little coincidence:

    On 12/4/2020 Cummings was seen in Castle Barnard. Two days later Glaxo Smith Kline of Barnard Castle signed an agreement with Sanofi of France to develop and manufacture a Covid 19 vaccine. Could be just coincidence but then again….


  10. The letter I received from Boris Johnson was quite clear:

    “That is why we are giving one simple instruction – you must stay at home.

    You should not meet friends or relatives who do not live in your home. You may only leave your home for very limited purposes, such as buying food and medicine, exercising once a day and seeking medical attention. You can travel to and from work but should work from home if you can.”

    There is no mention of travelling to secure child care arrangements.

  11. Cummings was endangering his 4 year old son’s life by travelling with a sick parent in a confined space for over 4 hours. How is this responsible parenting?
    Who instigated the police intervention to advise on security?

  12. Michael Fabricant sitting on the fence.Does he not realise how most of his constituents and the rest of the country feel about Dominic Cummings. We have all been following government advice unless your name is Dominic Cummings. I have lost all respect and confidence for this government ,we have been let down.

  13. GFI nothing will happen Durham police will be told to get rid of it as it was minor infringement. When they nick you for doing 35 in a 30 tell them it was minor and quote cummins in defence

  14. I think this is a dangerous moment for our democracy- the Attorney General said he’d done nothing wrong. This is not the case.
    We all know he was wrong whether or not we’d have done it ourselves (most didn’t and some of those have sacrificed a lot).
    The track & trace isn’t fit for purpose yet and everyone’s looking forward to shopping, having a coffee etc, yet we’re the worst country in the world right now for deaths per capita. We are all vulnerable to the virus.
    Please can we have some sort of perspective on this from those in charge – for goodness sake, Lichfield has an older population compared to most English cities. They are still so very vulnerable.
    Michael Fabricant- you have a responsibility to speak to them rather than tweeting about, for example, pink shorts and sundry dross. This is not party political, it’s common sense’.
    I despair.
    Please – as MP for a constituency which is in large part, elderly, they are often your voters, please say something constructive.

  15. Just who is the monkey and who is the organ grinder in this situation. If Dominic Cummings is so irreplaceable in government affairs then perhaps he should be leading the country. For a Prime Minister who has led us from hardly any infection in March to the highest death rate in Europe (and the World per capita) by May he would make a good replacement.
    The trust bubble has been punctured. If you lose faith in someone’s judgment there is no going back. Johnson might win a Pyrrhic victory by saving his lying special advisor but he had lost the trust of his people.
    Labour will love this. At last a chance to expose capitalistic class cronyism for what it is.

  16. Kitty if he does it will be the first time ever bearing in mind he has just voted for the reduction in food quality levels so that his boss can do deals with Trump and destroy UK farming

  17. The concept of brexit has taken over common sense and the reduction in food standards will ruin British farming but, you know, unelected bureaucrats…oh wait…
    The scientists who were gagged by the PM yesterday were very worried they said we have over 50000 new cases a week and we need to tread very very cautiously. But now you can meet your grandparents for a bbq. People here should be outraged at our death rate and the non-workable track and trace system, but bbq’s shopping and pub gardens.

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