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In the final instalment of her lockdown diary, one Lichfield resident lifts the lid on her thoughts on life during the coronavirus outbreak.

New additions to the wardrobe arrived in the post this week – two face-masks.

One was sent by a son alarmed by my recent encounters with local walkers. A plague-proof design in clinical white. The other one made of organic beige linen that will, the fashion site said, “go with everything”.

So I’m ready for my first trip to a public place like a market or shopping centre, though I’ll have to wait to see a dentist or have my hair cut.  Which hardly matters, when so many have lost their lives or are yet to recover. Not all of us will meet again.

A second or third wave could break, but with lockdown gradually lightening up, this series of posts has come to a natural close.

It’s far too soon to talk about the legacy of lockdown, but a new awareness of how deep is our love and need of nature will surely be part of it.

Everyone will have their own collection of shining moments from the pandemic period.  Here are two of mine –  a piece of home-made lemon drizzle cake left on the doorstep and a phone call from an ex-colleague I’d not spoken to in years.  He’s an unsentimental soul, but what he said renewed a friendship:

“At times like these, all we can do is cherish each day and each other.”

Then there were the simple everyday events that took on a sudden, unexpected magic  – like clean water flowing freely from a tap, ready and waiting to wash my hands…

Thank you for reading my diary.

Tessa also writes on – an adventurous take on much later life.

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  1. Thanks Tessa – our household is voluntarily staying in lockdown until we feel it’s really safe.
    Have enjoyed you blog – thank you.
    Stay safe.

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