Lichfield passengers are being urged to stay off the trains and use other travel options when coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased.

The Government has said people will be able to meet up in groups of six from next week.

Train operators say they are expecting passenger numbers to rise as a result – but warned they were still operating at reduced capacity due to social distancing measures.

Jonny Wiseman, head of customer experience for West Midlands Railway, said people should look to walk, cycle or drive if they are heading out to meet family or friends.

“We know many of our customers will be looking forward to catching up with family and friends they have not seen in a long time when the rules change next week.

“With social distancing advice still in place, we are urging customers to avoid the train for all but the most essential journeys where no other means of travel is available.

“If you choose to take the train for a non-essential journey you risk taking the space of a front-line worker who needs it more.”

Jonny Wiseman, West Midlands Railway

The operator is also asking passengers who do need to use the train to wear a face covering while on board, avoid peak times and buy tickets online.


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4 replies on “Train bosses ask Lichfield passengers to use other methods of travel when coronavirus restrictions are eased”

  1. “If you choose to take the train for a non-essential journey you risk taking the space of a front-line worker who needs it more.”

    This country is turning into a joke.

  2. Are the train operators going to refund the money to people who have paid fares for a year Because they don’t want people to travel by train ? I think not.
    We already have some of the worst congested roads especially the M42 and A 38.

  3. @Mark, as little time as I have for our greedy, lazy and incompetent private rail operators, it is only fair to point out that yes, you can get a refund. You can apply online through the West Midlands Railway site: it’s a form based on the usual Delay Repay format, where they ask for a photo of your ticket and the date on which you stopped travelling. It took them about 5 weeks to process mine, but that’s about the level of service I’ve come to expect from them.

    The rail operators need to show some common sense (since the government won’t do it for us) and not allow people to travel unless they are wearing a face-covering. Masks aren’t a panacea, of course, but the available stats from other countries suggest that if everyone wore them it would reduce transmission by 75%.

    As for me, it’s all too late really. Having just had a really nasty respiratory illness, almost certainly Covid-19, which took me 8-9 weeks to fully recover from, I am now a former rail commuter.

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