A Lichfield councillor has urged people to tidy up after themselves after a city park was left strewn with litter.

Hundreds visited Beacon Park as temperatures soared yesterday (30th May).

But a trail of bottles, cardboard and other litter was left behind for parks staff and volunteers to clean up.

Cllr Hugh Ashton, a Lib Dem member of Lichfield City Council, said:

“Beacon Park is a wonderful community asset for the people of Lichfield.

“Let’s keep it that way – tidy up after yourselves.”

Cllr Hugh Ashton, Lichfield City Council

The rise in numbers visiting Beacon Park also led to questions over whether social distancing rules were being adhered to.

Pictures on social media showed large groups of people gathering together in the park, despite restrictions on keeping two metres away from others.



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12 replies on “Lichfield councillor urges visitors to clean up after themselves after piles of litter are left behind in Beacon Park”

  1. It would help if Councillor Ashton saw for himself how many large groups are gathering, drinking alcohol and urinating in plain sight. It would be of further help if he liaised with the police to see what powers they actually have and to encourage them to use those powers.

  2. Prior to covid on my morning walk from Waitrose through Darwin park to town I would pick up litter within feet of the litter bins and under one bench handfuls of nitrous oxide cans
    This is Lichfield 2020 full of the modern generation,I have finished with throw it in the floor someone else will sort it

  3. I thought it was an offence to drink alcohol in the park? Surely the police can intervene for this breach in antisocial behaviour? The whole ‘being powerless to stop it’ line is a nonsense: we’re talking about relatively small numbers that authorities, not just the police by the way, could easily control. Close Beacon Park if the issue gets out of control – quite simple. Or start charging people entry so that the litter picking volunteers get paid for the invaluable work that they do. Why have we lost control and, at times, the right to stop people from doing what is clearly wrong and a potential risk to society?

  4. Harry not all teenagers are scum as you call them. My son and his friends are cadets and they do work in the community.

  5. The same goes on around stow pool. The left over beer cans. Bottles of empty vodka and mixers. Bags of empty food containers. People throw up everywhere. I won’t mention what else you see. It’s a disgrace. Some of it comes from the anglers. Also the amount of dead fish I see on an early morning of a weekend of fishing is criminal. People just don’t give a s##t these days. Where are the police ? Never see them. Think we have 4 in total for the area… Lichfield council has put up new rules for fishing on stow pool. Is anyone taking any notice of it nope. Not at all. They don’t have too. No one around to inforce it.

  6. Firstly, Colin, thanks for correcting Harry about teenagers. I visited the park on Saturday night and many were aged 20-40+.
    Also, everyone has to ask themselves why we have such a small Police presence and, if you did before, make sure you don’t vote for Fabricant and the Tories ever again. This, is what what you voted for. And please don’t blame the council, who’s budget has been cut 60-80% in the past decade, thanks to Tory austerity.

  7. Harry – I think your comments say far more about your mindset than it does about the “teenage scum” you claim are responsible. As someone has previously stated, not all teenagers are how you paint them. Some are, some aren’t. Bit like older people…some are obnoxiously stupid, some aren’t. I’ll just leave that hanging there…

  8. Does this mean after the pandemic is over people can congregate in the park drinking, partying and using anywhere as a toilet?
    I don’t believe that the police don’t have any power to stop this at the request of the council. If they don’t the future isn’t bright.

  9. Well said Smarty!!!
    My three teenagers pick up their litter are polite, well mannered and respect social distancing, unlike some older folk who don’t have a clue and breathe down your neck in the Tesco queues

  10. We have to live by the park, all you can smell is weed, cars speeding up and down, gangs screaming and shouting,drug deals going on, beautiful lichfield

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