The Greyhound in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

Ten new homes could be build in Lichfield as part of plans to redevelop the site of a Lichfield pub.

Developers have submitted a planning application for land occupied by the Greyhound Inn on Upper St John Street.

The main three-storey building is set to be kept – with a future application set to look at how it may be used – but a single storey section would be demolished.

The developers hope to build three-bedroom houses on additional land associated with the pub.

“Currently, the site contains a three-storey building previously used as a public house.

“Adjacent are some single storey buildings, with a raised area to the rear.

“The proposal seeks to retain the main building of the Greyhound public house. An application will be made separately for future use of this building.

“This application proposes demolition of single storey buildings of the Greyhound pub to be replaced with new town houses reflecting the design of the street.

“There will be no adverse effect on neighbours and there will be adequate off street parking.

“The proposals are for spacious three-bedroom accommodation which are currently sought-after in the area.”

Planning statement

Full details can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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9 replies on “Plans unveiled for ten new homes on Lichfield pub site”

  1. This will be the closing of another community pub if this is allowed to go ahead
    How do you object to this & is there a date that this has to be filed by

  2. Hi Stuart, the link to the application on the Lichfield District Council planning website is on the article. You should be able to raise any issues via their portal.

  3. I note that the plans describe the Greyhound as a ‘former public house’. This is untrue, the pub is only closed temporarily due to the Covid-19 situation. The current tenant was unaware of these revised plans until this article was published yesterday. This is clearly a disgusting attempt from the developer to exploit and capitalise from the current Coronavirus pandemic.

  4. Roland, this is a common tactic from developers. You are seeing it at its second stage on the Tamworth Road proposal. It works like this..
    Firstly establish acceptance in principle. Wait a while after the council has agreed to this. You then tell the council the plan is unfeasible because the returns are too low. This leads to a revised proposal, which probably would have been rejected first time. This development is radically different from the first proposal but will likely be passed as there is already agreement in principle.
    Bit by bit Lichfield is losing significant parts of its character.

  5. I completely agree with the comments made by Stuart Anderson. After the Social effects of Covid-19 are over our local pubs are going to be important for communities to reconnect. Greed. Indeed.

  6. What has Lichfield south done to upset the planning department of this sadly spoilt city. More traffic coming our way from the by pass ,even more traffic from all the planned housing developments, and during normal times we already struggle to get in and out of our drives for cars racing up annd down our 40mph road .Now even more building in St John’s Street!

  7. It looks like a drinkers pub rather than a food pub, and it’s probably not financially viable to trade any longer in the current and future climate. People simply don’t drink in pubs in the numbers they used to.

  8. I was in The Greyhound having a pint with a friend of mine who had just returned from holiday (he will know who he is if he reads this) on the evening before the Gov’t lock-up . Speaking to the tenant, who I know, there was absolutely no talk between us about the permanent closure of the pub. Seems to me that the Developers have used the classic deceptive sleight of hand trick here.

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