An artist's impression of some of the new gym equipment

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Two new outdoor exercise areas are being built in Burntwood.

Lichfield District Council set the equipment will be installed at Redwood Park and Chase Terrace Park.

Exercise stations for magnetic bells, sports bikes and benches will be put in place.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member for recycling and leisure, said:

“I am really pleased the outdoor exercise stations will be installed in Redwood Park and Chase Terrace Park soon.

“They will be useful addition to the parks, and I am sure lots of our park visitors will enjoy using the equipment to improve their health and fitness.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

Each outdoor gym will cost £17,000. The project is being funded by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government as well as section 106 money from developers.

The work will begin next week, but both sites will remain closed until social distancing measures are eased further.

To find out more about the new outdoor gyms in Burntwood, visit 


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  1. So actually neither of them are in Burntwood. One’s in Boney Hay and the other’s in, surprise, surprise, Chase Terrace.

  2. I’d stick to rubbish political trolling if I were you, Rob. Google is your friend on this one.

  3. I don’t need the advice of hidden keyboard warriors, nor do I need google to show me where I live.

  4. The irony of you bemoaning hidden keyboard warriors isn’t lost.

    Google will help you identify why your original half-arsed trolling attempt was wrong. But being wrong is another speciality of yours as we all know.

  5. So I’ve attracted my own insult-spewing stalker now. Reminds me of someone.
    How nice. I hope it festers away for you.

  6. *Insert generic reference to something irrelevant to the point of the article with Labour reference in a bid to get a reaction*

    Or has that tactic failed to generate the responses you wanted anymore, Rob?

  7. I’d read about the potential lockdown effects on mental health and wellbeing but hadn’t encountered it first hand, until today.

  8. Good to know that we have something new coming to Redwood Park, just make absolutely positive that it’s vandal proof before spending on it. Redwood doesn’t get much, not even a flower bed since the MUGA and some terrible bound gravel paths, that weren’t finished off. I look forward to seeing and possibly using it when it happens.

  9. It’s nice to see some development in Burntwood North and South. Some youth facilities to come one would hope, although that would be SCC.

  10. Let’s hope that wherever these are going there are litter bins, as the 5 a side pitches at burntwood leisure centre are disgracefull with left rubbish

  11. Has anyone visited the Burntwood underfunded park……Has it been considered at all???,,,,,,, This has not been selected….. Then Why Not!!???

  12. A skatepark would be great. The one at the leisure centre currently looks like the end of the world and needs tearing down.

  13. Boney Hay is situated to the North East of the town of Burntwood, Staffordshire, and is most northern area of the town. The area forms one part of one of the largest urbanised parishes in the United Kingdom. It is one of the five dominions of Burntwood. They are Chase Terrace, Chasetown, Holly Grove, Boney Hay and Burntwood

  14. Funny that, there’s till no news from you on being wrong about the location of Boney Hay and Chase Terrace.

  15. Funny that, you’re always able to reply so quickly to my posts. Almost as if you have some means of knowing exactly when they’ve been submitted, but I’m sure it’s merely coincidence.

  16. Funny that, the first time you haven’t waffled on about some irrelevant political point. See, you can better yourself if you listen to your conscience.

  17. Rob with reference to the South of Burntwood not having one, I brought this up in a meeting at Lichfield District Council. I asked if we could work with Freedom Leisure and get one there. I was assured they would look into it… I will follow this up and hopefully when Covid all done with we can look at getting this equipment there.

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