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A survey has shown that 85% of women in Lichfield and Burntwood say they are being “harmed” by coronavirus crisis restrictions.

The study was carried out by Dr Kim Rochelle, women’s officer for the Lichfield branch of the Labour party.

The chartered psychologist said she now wants to widen the reach of her research.

“Although statistics show that men are more likely to suffer severe effects than women if they contract COVID-19, research suggests that women bear more of the daily burden of lockdown. 

“I created the survey to explore this idea and around 40 Labour party women took part anonymously.

“I found nine recurring themes within their written responses, which fell within the areas of psychological, physical, economic or environmental harm. 

“These are aspects of social harm, which is the unintentional but often preventable outcome of decisions taken by government or society and the way we organise society in terms of inequality, social relationships and so on.”

Dr Kim Rochelle

Loneliness and isolation was the most frequently mentioned psychological harm, followed by fear, anxiety and mental wellbeing.

Themes of physical harm ranged from personal health worries to concerns over cancelled or remote medical treatment, while economic harm included recent job loss and delays in receiving Government grants or benefits.

“Women are coping, holding things together and doing an amazing job, but based upon these results I’m widening the survey via women’s social networks.

“I would also very much welcome responses from local women about their experiences during lockdown.”

Dr Kim Rochelle

Anyone who wants to take part can email A list of free advice and support services is also available via the same email address.


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. “Although statistics show that men are more likely to suffer severe effects than women if they contract COVID-19” ie DEATH, forty labour party women are concerned about “social harm” which it would appear men are immune to.

  2. I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the comment from “Rob”, whoever this anonymous keyboard warrior is. I hope though that people will support Kim’s work on this important and increasingly significant issue.

  3. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but, why is this even a gender issue?? All people are struggling with lockdown…….!!!

    All surveys like this do – is to contribute to “whose got it worse” type of mentality – which is helpful to nobody.

    Why can’t we all just accept this is a terrible time for everybody? Men, women and children alike.

  4. Gender specific studies about global events like COVID, are largely pointless and agenda driven, be they from the perspective of male or female.

    Can you imagine the outrage if there was a study looking at males only??

  5. Manni and Newton:
    I do hope you realise how despicable you are. You’re almost as bad as me.
    It’s an increasingly significant issue I’ll have you know.

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