Volunteers have urged people to respect an area of meadowland in Lichfield after it was left strewn with litter.

Pipe Green Trust said residents had been forced to clean up the area after beer cans, bottles and other waste was left behind.

It comes after police said they would consider using dispersal orders at hotspots across Lichfield and Burntwood after the success of one used in Beacon Park.

A spokesperson for Pipe Green Trust said:

“To those who did this, Pipe Green is not just a ‘bit of land’ it is a beautiful area of meadowland which is being carefully managed to protect the wonderful plants that grow there.

“Please respect it.”

Pipe Green Trust spokesperson

A local wildlife expert was among those who joined the clean up at Pipe Green.

The trust said it feared that the use of dispersal orders had simply created issues elsewhere rather than solving the issue of large gatherings and litter.

“This is what happens when the police have an order in place at Beacon Park.

“It doesn’t stop the problem – they go elsewhere.”

Pipe Green Trust spokesperson


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12 replies on “People urged to respect meadowland in Lichfield after visitors leave piles of litter behind”

  1. I do a litter pick at least once a week on Watery Lane picking up beer cans, cigarette packets, discarded (used) tissues, empty vodka bottles, Costa Coffee cups, McDonalds bags and boxes etc. Every week I get at least half a large bin bag full, quite often a full one! Perhaps the name should be changed to ‘Skip Lane”

  2. Steve, I applaud you for doing what you do. It’s such a shame that you have to do it in the first place. Some people have zero respect for their surroundings. I also pick litter up from my local area on a regular basis. It’s so annoying.

  3. When the planning went in for the drive through Costa I said it was a mistake it would increase local littering

  4. I have noticed the larger Lichfield gets with new housing and younger family’s the more issues we are having with groups of young people gathering and problems that come with them. Lichfield was quiet and very clean. It had changed alot since all the new builds and now they want to join to other areas and estates. Lichfield has lost it’s English village feeling. We are just becoming a typical town area. I have noticed alot have move out the area over the years. The feel of Lichfield has changed. All well and good that the council wants Lichfield to move on but it is lossing what people visit us for. People love how small we are. How green we are. How clean and maintained beacon park is. The issues of inner city areas is only going to get worse the bigger we get. What once was a tourist area will become and inner city dump like many city’s.

  5. Grange Lane also seems to be a regular hotspot for litter dumping, do the local council not do litter picking any longer ? Who’s doing what these days ?

  6. You can definitely tell the fast food and drink outlets are open again. The lanes are beginning to show the evidence. I was waiting to pull of a drive on thorleys hill on Friday when a young lad came speeding past with no regard to dangers of walkers etc, threw Costa stuff out of window and sped off. I picked it up (with a bag over hand) and wished I could of done a home DNA test so I could of emptied the entire content of my bins over his stupid, disgusting head. How are people so soulless and empty of any thought about their surroundings. It’s something I have never understood. I totally agree with Ben Thompson’s comment. But then again their will ways be morons who don’t give a hoot about anything.

  7. Whilst I am appalled at the level of litter that is strewn in ‘parts’ of Lichfield, we should be thankful that we do live in a fairly clean and litter free city, and that the majority of people do not discard their litter with little thought of the consequences. By comparison I visit Handsworth, Birmingham around the Soho Rd quite regularly and my goodness it’s difficult to comprehend the litter strewn residential streets including large items of furniture being dumped not up country lanes but on pavements and alley ways. It’s always a pleasure to come back home and makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live in such a nice area. But, we must never become complacent if we want to continue to enjoy this.

  8. Well said Ann, some people must never leave Lichfield if they think it’s bad here.

    Having said that, we are lucky to have a town centre cleaning team. Without them we’d have a whole lot more litter in the town centre.

  9. Try have your nice local walk as Christian Fields. You know the place the was rejuvenated years ago and then the council forgot about it and send 1 person up every now and again to check it or mow it. All the information signs there are vandalised or pretty much now destroyed and non existent. The pond is screwed with the minibeasts info board now gone, a wooden bench that was set on fire was replaced with a metal one which is covered in graffiti, some lovely wooden carvings of animals installed, there’s one left… This has been in this condition for years. But you know, not in the city centre is it so visitors will probably never see it. Let’s keep planting plants so tourists can blow smoke up our backsides saying how lovely Lichfield looks… Try living in it, the values are as ancient as 80% of its population!

  10. Lichfield might be clean in the centre, get a couple of miles away the other side of the western bypass and see the beer cans, spirit bottles and now it is open Macdonald packaging lining the road side.

  11. More & more housing,more people & more litter.People who drop it are disgusting;they make the place horrible for everyone.Lichfield is not as nice these days.

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