Protesters have taken to the streets of Lichfield for a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

The group joined the global movement with a gathering on Birmingham Road this afternoon (8th June).

Hundreds took part in the peaceful protest, holding up banners and signs at the roadside.


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  1. I’d love to know what effect they think their little demonstration is going to have in little old Lichfield

  2. They’re trying though Harry, that’s the point. They’re showing solidarity against racism instead of sitting and tweeting about it. Why so spiteful?

  3. The US police have a long history of brutality, and it’s not always race related as the Daniel Shaver case in Mesa, Arizona demonstrates. I don’t recall any protests about that, definitely not in Lichfield anyway. It’s mainly young people looking for an excuse to protest and in certain cities, opportunist criminals. Demonstrating outside Lichfield train station for the killing of a man in the US…. ALL LIVES MATTER!

  4. Over 100?? Sounds like that must be a police estimate of the crowd size. I reckon well over 1000, though I didn’t try to do a count. Someone must have done a proper count. Let’s have the true number Lichfield Live.

  5. YES!!!!!!!!! Go little protestors in little old Lichfield!!!!!!! Hear hear Penny!!!!! Let’s abolish systemic racism once and and for all

  6. Spot on, Harry! It’s far more effective to tackle racism by making snide comments under local news stories.

  7. Wheres the social distancing Lol Buisness is trying to recover and spending lots £££££s ! on 2m stand apart lol
    p.s save the NHS
    hope mommy and daddy pays the fines and police Costs Tweet Tweet

  8. Harry – they are helping to identify the less enlightened, blinkered and ignorant amongst us.

    So, that is our MP, you…I’m sure there will be more.

    Good job so far. Well done to all who took the time to take part.

  9. Good to see decent people doing something here. Harry, it’s especially important in a place like Lichfield, the majority being white people, and potentially vote for institutional racism election after election without realising. They need to see that their actions can have an impact on how racism is dealt with in our constituency and our nation.

  10. It’s positive for our young people to see this sort of solidarity. It’s symbolic! Shame there are small minded people who cannot see this.

  11. Oh dear Harry, what a totally misguided view. In fact a stereotypical view that may well of come from someone of white privilege. From tiny acorns oak trees grow, and though this may have been a small protest it fills we with optimism for the future. But Harry, you carry on making your comments dismissing others for actually making a stand….because your voice has already been drowned out by the “little demonstration”….

  12. I was there. The vast, vast majority were wearing masks and keeping a safe distance apart. There was an atmosphere of respectful solidarity. It was an honour to be part of it. Thank you to those who organised it.

  13. Why in London are so many killings involving gangs. Remember the Neachel riots in Birmingham,Indians verses west Indians. They are as much racist as everyone just don’t want to admit it

  14. Well done to the protestors.
    It’s important in a white affluent city to show solidarity.
    I hope that one of the impacts of this movement will be for decent, ordinary people to reconsider who they vote for in future.
    You may say I’m a dreamer…

  15. I was also there. Organiser came round with a tape measure to make households stayed 2m apart and the police liaison made sure we all stayed where we were. Only trouble was a couple of idiots drinking and chanting “all lives matter” who quickly got caught by the attending police officers.

  16. This is so good to see. Well done Lichfield.

    I have been told our council leader wrote a personal and impressive message regarding this issue on social media over the weekend.

    It is reassuring that locally we have a senior Conservative politician more in step with the views of the majority of local people. Our MP must please take note.

  17. Well done everyone who took the time to attend and thank you to the organisers. It gives me hope that Lichfield which is predominantly white is supporting this movement and telling the world that it’s not ok to stay silent just because the issue doesn’t directly harm them.
    And for those concerned about the spread of covid 19, I saw more social distancing and PPE being worn than I did in Aldi this morning.

  18. What with and for this is Britain not the USA. Our police do policing with consent in the USA a policeman who carries a gun can be facing someone of any colour carrying a concealed weapon. Do you ask excuse me are you armed of course not.

  19. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and for the purpose of equality, woman….my words) to do nothing.”

  20. I was also there and endorse all the positive comments. Sad that so many people (possibly white?) are so ignorant. The vast majority of rioting in Birmingham (during the 80’s, which I assume Mike is referring to) took place in Lozells and Handsworth and was as a result of the oppression and deprivation suffered by mainly British people (born here) of multiple different ethnicities. There was very little in Nechells (spelling!) and the first person to appear in court was ……..WHITE!!
    Learn your facts or stay silent!

  21. Barry Scott – yes, Doug Pullen made a very impressive and passionate statement over the weekend. It was lovely to read such a measured but clearly angry response from an official. I’m not a Conservative but, Mr Pullen has really impressed me on a number of occasions. He’s everything our MO should be, really.

  22. All life matters is such a stupidly ignorant thing to say.
    I assume anyone saying it has never experienced systemic racism.
    I wish I’d known about this, I’d have driven past to honk support to everyone.

  23. To anyone saying All Lives Matter – we know – thats obvious and not the point – all lives matter but black lives are the ones in danger at the moment. All Lives are not being treated as equal, this is what we’re trying to change.

  24. Harry please do me one favour don’t comment again.. Your making matters worse not for yourself but anyone around you….. Any peaceful protest is proof we have solidarity…. Every life matters. But unfortunately you’ve made everyone realise that not everyone is equal, no matter where the protests are they are speaking out load for a reason. Don’t ever comment on what you don’t know…

  25. Sahra Reed, Mark Duggan, Sheku Bayoh, Christopher Alder, Shukri Abdi, Jimmy Mubenga, Smiley Culture, Michael Powell, Leon Briggs, Ricky Bishop, Brain Douglas, Joy Gardner, Sean Rigg, Cynthia Jarrett, Leon Patterson, Cherry Grace, Derek Bennett, Kingsley Burrell, Faruk Ali, Mark Nunes, Roger Sylvester, Azelle Rodney, Habib Ullah, Adrian Thompson, Seni Lewis, Jean Charles de Menezes, Demetre Frazer, Aston McLean, Anthony Grainger, Rocky Bennett, Alton Manning. These are just a few names of BRITISH citizens who were killed because of their race. Do not say this is an “American issue”. Racism is systemic and our country is built off of those systems. I was there at the protest today, organised by my friend 18 year old Daisy Barker, and I can tell you that the protest was not just for the killing of George Floyd, it was to stand in solidarity with all those who have been affected by racism which includes those within this country. As for the effect the protest will have on “little old Lichfield” it has already sparked conversations with figures such as the Lichfield labour representative who has asked for advice on how to make changes to this city as a result of this protest. Also to those masking their racism behind their supposed concern for social distancing, where was that same energy on VE Day when people across the country had street parties that didn’t follow the 2m rule? Or does that concern only apply to you when trying to silence the voices of black people and their allies? No lives matter until black lives do.

  26. Yet we didn’t march in protest for the abused children of Rotherham and countless other children abused under our noses in our own country. No virtue signally street cred in that issue I suppose, or was your fear to great.

  27. Standing up against racism is one thing , but ” Black Lives Matter ” is apposed to capitalism , believes the Police is ” institutionally racist ” , and the country we live in is fundamentally ” racist” ….not just contains racism . Understanding what they want might not be what we all agree with .

  28. By the way, saying ‘All Lives Matter’ right now is the same as saying ‘All Jobs Matter’ during the Clap for the NHS . It’s dumb and irrelevant. Of course, all lives matter. No one is saying they don’t. But black lives are the most historically oppressed and racism is STILL prevalent in 21st century society. All lives won’t matter until black lives do.
    Loved the protest: I was very proud to be there :)

  29. Well done to the organisers and to the participants for keeping social distance and wearing masks.
    In normal times I’d be with you but my partner had to shield and I can’t take any chances.

  30. What a good thing to see. I’d have taken part if I’d known in advance…
    For those that say “why do this in Lichfield”, exactly for the fact that our community is predominantly white and we need to stand up and show our support to those who need it, not sit in a bubble expecting others to solve it.
    For those who say “all lives matter”, yes they do. However, white lives are not put at risk to the same extent. They are not restricted to the same degree. They are not subject to the same abuse.
    So we should stand up to point out what should be obvious. Skin colour is not a valid reason to treat anyone any differently. Bringing equality and fairness can only be a positive thing in society, so let’s fight for those who need our support to get it.

  31. Honestly if you respond to this with “all lives matter” then educate yourselves because you’re making a fool of yourself! No one is claiming “only black lives matter”. If you really believe all lives matter then act like it and support people of colour in receiving the respect and the fundamental human rights they should have in the first place because you’re arrogance is appalling!

  32. Is this a joke? I mean, really; I know we’ve all been shut indoors for several weeks and are desperate for something to do but since when do we involve ourselves in the policing policies of the U.S? And when are we going to address the fact that despite the fact that black and African Americans make up 12% of the U.S. population, they are responsible for 52% of all murders? And the fact that of the 400 people killed in police custody in the U.S. in 2019, 233 were white? Don’t hear much noise from the ‘#whitelivesmatter’ movement. Don’t even get me started on defacing Churchill monuments. Millennials eh? Who needs em?!

  33. yes equality is good but when all of them get coronavirus they wont be taking then will they #socialdistancing #deathfiguresrise #contagionstupity

  34. Wasn’t expecting to see this. It’s very encouraging, and well done to all the people who took part. Proud of my city today!

  35. Mike as a Brummie, could l please just point out that the spelling is Nechells but then there seem to be a few inaccuracies in your comment.

  36. I understand what the crowds were there for but I have to say as a lone woman driver at 6pm tonight on my way back from work I found it extremely intimidating to have signs being thrust at my car and people falling and walking in the road I had to stop several times and what little I did see did not all seem like a quiet protest please have a thought for motorists when having your peaceful protests as I am sure that if someone had gone under my wheels it would be me being blamed not the people shoving on the pavements

  37. What I have learned today is that we can now open up our businesses and churches don’t you think?

  38. Imagine if everyone who makes negative comments put half the amount of energy into educating themselves about the BLM movement, the world would be a much nicer place.

  39. So glad to see a level of solidarity and support for the movement in Lichfield. I’ve just moved to the area and I’m sad that I missed this protest. Ignore the comments of hate that detract from what’s really important right now. Let’s work together to achieve a fairer, safer world.

  40. The vast majority of protestors today were indeed young. As an older person, I am reassured that they can see the inequalities in society and are prepared to speak up, unlike the ignorant, white-privileged members of society.
    As for those who like statistics, the population of Staffordshire is approximately 98% white – now look up the Staffordshire Police figures for “stop and search” and “arrests”, based on ethnicity!

  41. @Anya have a read of ‘The vision of the anointed’ by Thomas Sowell, Economist and Political thinker, and then get back to me. There are plenty of clips of his lectures on youtube. By the way he is African American.

  42. To all those commenting about there not being protests for other things… we have to start somewhere. Why did you not start protests about these things if you feel so strongly about them? This is something many feel strongly about because nobody should have to fight for basic human rights and decency, so we joined a protest. A SOCIALLY DISTANCED, PEACEFUL protest may I add.

    And to those making snide comments about teenagers being involved: at least they are trying to make a change. You would also have a lot of negative comments to say if there were no youngsters there and would blame them either way.

    I am loving the comments catching out the racists though :)

  43. So nice to see this happening in Lichfield. I moved here 4 years ago from Solihull and being a person of colour I felt intimidated because everyone was white. Not that anyone said or did anything but that’s how I felt. The fact that our MP kept being re-elected made me think that the people of white privilege wanted to maintain the status quo and that it was full of people like Harry. How wrong was I. Thank you to all those that marched. I couldn’t join you as I was working in a front line position. Lots of positive comments and positive action. Yes all lives matter but this highlighting the plight of people of colour. Many years ago, homosexuality was frowned on and was illegal. If it wasn’t for gay and straight people campaigning, the law would not have been changed. Same applies here irrespective of where the initial incident took place. So thank you to all those that turned up but for also challenging some individuals with their clearly racist comments.

  44. Nice to hear our city is still in tact. I personally think the worlds gone mad. Why is everyone going nuts about racism all of a sudden. This all kicked off in the US. Police and people in Lichfield are respectful. It’s 2020 it’s probably a small minority that maybe raciest most people are NOT. I just don’t get wat all the hype is about I really don’t. It’s actually making it an issue when it doesn’t need to be!! I have lots of friends from different origins cultures. I personally think it’s mental and degrading to the human race that actually by protesting Its causing more separation and issues that we don’t need. Not here to offend anyone. What’s happened to being kind!

  45. embarrassing, half of them teenagers doing it for clout, waste of time and just provoking people

  46. Steve at least the teenagers are actually trying to do something, despite if their intentions aren’t completely in the right place. And the only people who are feeling provoked is the people that are against the movement. It’s solidarity and showing people PoC that we stand with them.

  47. I love some of the comments I have seen over the last week or so around Lichfield that not everyone is racist and its the minority that is. BUT RACISM STILL EXISTS. Yet again young people have been spoken to in a negative way even though they are standing up for something good.

    This comment – “I found it extremely intimidating to have signs being thrust at my car and people falling and walking in the road I had to stop several times and what little I did see did not all seem like a quiet protest please have a thought for motorists when having your peaceful protests” I didn’t see any of this and 99.9% of people were standing back from the road and police was on contact patrol. It was the most peaceful and moving protest I have seen. STOP SPREADING LIES.

    Thank you to the organiser, police and everyone was our first step in Lichfield to make this city stand up for inequality.

  48. Good morning. Yesterday was a very positive occasion and now we must continue to support racial equality in our everyday lives. We must continue to promote the recognition, acceptance and celebration of black (and all other minority groups) people and their culture. In particular, we can challenge the attitudes and behaviours of the ignorant, particularly those very common slurs and stereotypical comments dropped into general conversation.
    As for the ignorant, who themselves should truly be embarrassed for not supporting or understanding the need for racial equality – open your eyes a little, educate yourself and you will learn that the stereotypes are NOT reality!

  49. If the only thing you can do is comment negatively online about people actually doing something then you’re part of the problem. If you feel strongly about another issue organise your own protest, march, petition or anything else. If you’ve never done anything for something you believe in beyond some internet comments your opinion is irrelevant. As soon as you’re brave enough to come out from behind your keyboard then we’ll talk about what is and isn’t a worthy cause until then we’ll keep trying to change things for the better while you wallow in impotence.

  50. When I used to employ people colour did not come into the equation what did is could they do the job. If they were sky blue pink did not matter a jot as long as they could speak English,and add up they probably got the job

  51. As a white man, I’m so proud of Lichfield for this happening. A peaceful demonstration in Solidarity with victims from 1000s of miles away.

    This is what humanity looks like.

  52. Amazing. Well done Lichfield
    ‘All lives matter’ commentators are just ignorant and uneducated.
    Agree there were more masks being worn by the group and social distancing, than I’ve seen in any supermarket or shop … or on the police … or people shouting at the protestors.

  53. I suppose it depends how you define racism Alison. Is it the colour of the skin? Is it a religious belief? Is it a collection of cultural beliefs?Or all of these things. I don’t like (I mean hate!) the idea of F.G.M. Ritual animal slaughter. The denial of daughters freedom of marital choice, and lots of other cultural aspects which most would find alien to our culture.
    We live in a changing world and there is incentive to move to better economys. Many cultures have came to our shores and brought their prejudices with them. This is not just a black and white issue.
    We have to be pragmatic and I accept that the recognisable English culture has now gone forever. Our mult- culture society presents far greater problems. Can you not be a racist but still dislike some aspects of other cultures? Well you tell me!

  54. I am proud to say my son who is studying to be a social worker made his way to the protest on the bus,as he got off the bus the driver asked ‘why are you bothering there will always be racism and as my son explained it was peaceful protest the driver then decided to be extremely rude. He also informed him you would be going back on this bus!!!!! My son rang me to pick him up and I went into Lichfield to see people standing peacefully sometimes shouting their ‘black lives matters ‘ the police were in attendance and it made me emotional as most of the protesters were young adults. I was born in Bristol in the early sixties and lived in a multicultural area, I should have been standing next to my hardworking, socially responsible son. All lives definitely matter but history shows at the moment Black lives matter!!!!

  55. Philip – it’s not racist to not like something about another person’s culture. But it is racist to treat people of that culture differently because of it.

    And “recognisable English culture” is an ever moving thing, it’s not something that’s just happened recently as a result of immigration. Culture in the 1960s was very different to what it was in the 1900s.

    Or if you want to look at it another way, English history is one of constant cultural change Romans, Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Danes, Normans…etc so actually it’s a very English thing for it to continue… :)

  56. It’s quite tiring trying to “help” others to learn. Since the word “English” is referenced, it may help to consider the Oxford ENGLISH Dictionary’s definition of racism –
    “Belief in the SUPERIORITY of a particular race”
    Keep striving for EQUALITY!!!!

  57. Boswell must fall

    Although Johnson died before the campaign to abolish slavery attracted wide attention, he had taken an interest in the subject for many years. He wrote to James Boswell that he thought when men were born, they were equal. Boswell himself did not agree, believing Africans to be savages.

  58. Well done to those who are speaking up. Despite the lack of diversity in Lichfield, as a mixed-heritage young woman I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. This is because the vast majority of people in Lichfield judge others by their character and not their ethnicity. However, there is still a small minority of people who need to be educated on equality and race, so I commend those who are speaking up!

  59. Let’s pull all statues down, Mandela, King etc, then there will be nothing to moan about, then the tax that I pay for in my working life can be used for essential services rather than police these morons causing unnecessary disruption.

  60. I do not support BLM.
    I never have or ever will.
    I do not want to destroy Western civilisation. I do not want to destroy the family unit. Check BLM manifesto on this.
    They are only concerned about the 0.00001% of black lives that can push their divisive political agenda. Massacres of black Christians in Africa last week end by the way.
    Erasing history and culture is the start of a descent into darkness. It seems that no one has ever read anything. I despair, I really do.
    Half of my family suffered under the Soviets the other half under the British. We have seen it all before, same operand same tactics.
    I will never bend the knee to any man.
    It is all disingenuous BS and it does not fool all of us. It seems that there is a viral outbreak of Stockholm Syndrom.
    This will be my last post here, as the crude, inflammatory pathetic piece of scrawled graffiti on cardboard says, pictured above,’ White silence = violence. Just grow up, you have no idea.

    thanks for the ride Ross.

    Oh maybe we can now have a months free Council tax in support of BLM, somehow I doubt it.

  61. It is correct to say that “all lives matter” however, when lives, livelihoods and life experiences are being taken, destroyed and tainted by people and institutions in positions of power and authority, those lives matter far, far more!!!

  62. I saw a sign which read as follows.
    “Britain is angrier at Meghan Markle for being mixed race, than Prince Andrew for being a sex predator and paedophile.”
    #White Privilege
    What a load of s**t and this actually provokes people like me who think nothing of the sort, to detest some of these people who don’t even know what they are talking about, and think they can speak on behalf of an entire country.

  63. So pleased to see so many positive comments on this thread.
    I’ve lived in Lichfield for 9 years having lived in various cities and travelled the world. The white privileged, intrinsic racism in Lichfield shocked me.
    But quite clearly, it’s changing. The Harry’s, Mikes and Hannibals are a minority now. Let’s keep it hat way.
    Very proud of Lichfield at last!

  64. When there are comments on here way to the (racist) right of the excellent and informed comments of the LDC Council Leader – a Tory – you realise that there are some entrenched in their hatred or ignorance (like our gurning excuse for an MP). This is a struggle across the world that never ends to establish the respect and cooperation that has brought the human race so far, despite the conflict so many thrive on and foment. Well done the demonstrators!

  65. Mike you are now living in a world where you can’t say what you think as it may offend somebody.
    Free speech has gone

  66. Cerbaill I agree with your comment, are you Polish? Tell these people what the USSR did to our people. They would not believe I think. Idiots they are.

  67. I am so proud of everyone who was involved in this well organised, peaceful and socially distanced protest.
    I’m really saddened by those in our community who are being disrespectful to the young organisers and the young people who participated. I think you would find fault with any actions of someone who is young. I find it so hopeful to see people who care passionately about the society we live in and the struggles people have in their lives, hopeful they believe in change, hopeful they believe in peaceful protest and raising awareness, hopeful that they will be our future leaders and policy makers.
    Labelling people with words that have been used in this feed like ‘racist’ and ‘snowflake’ is a huge part of the problem. It causes people to become more polarised, entrenched and alienated. After all, we need the whole of our community to shift (or the majority). This takes those of us who are white and privileged to have the humility to say I maybe ignorant and I need informing. Similarly, those who are the victims and their allies need to show huge patience and condescension to say yes you may be ignorant and let me help inform you. So, when someone says ‘All lives matter’ it is more open than ‘Only my life matters’ and the view perhaps lacks the information as to why we are insisting we give some attention to Black Lives till we achieve equality. I think this protest is a good part of that process.

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