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The latest stage of planning for the future of Lichfield City centre are due to be debated by councillors.

The city centre masterplan will be discussed by Lichfield District Council’s economic growth, environment and development overview and scrutiny committee this evening (9th June).

The document outlines a long-term plan to create four quarters across the centre to aid future decision-making:

  • Cathedral Quarter
  • Market Quarter
  • Business and Learning Quarter
  • Southern Gateway Quarter

The plan was drawn up following the demise of the long-awaited Friarsgate scheme after private funding failed to materialise after more than a decade of planning.

But a report by Cllr Iain Eadie to the meeting has recognised that the any long-term redevelopment will need external input.

Iain Eadie

“Although the budgets for the work are still to be established, it is noted that to deliver such an ambitious programme of will require revenue and significant capital funding.

“Resources have been previously agreed to assist in delivering major development projects and these will be used alongside other resources within the council.

“There will, however, be a need to bring in external assistance and therefore a revenue budget will need to be identified.

“One important issue for the council will be the degree to which if any, the council commits capital monies.

“Members are asked to consider what role Lichfield District Council should have in the place shaping of the city, given the approved borrowing provision of £45million within the mid-term financial strategy, and whether they would wish to see the council use this to implement the delivery of some or all of the masterplan proposals.”

The meeting will take place at 6pm this evening with a livestream below:

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  1. Seems like another white elephant that goes with the widening of the bridge at Trent valley /Britannia park a road that goesaste to units that have yet to be filled.
    Are we going to waste enormous amounts of money to satisfy the egos of councillors who have little or no experience in these matters.

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