Hundreds of people in Lichfield joined the global Black Lives Matter protests with a demonstration in the city.

Residents held banners and signs of protest along the Birmingham Road yesterday (9th June).

Photographer Georgia Hill captured these images from the event.

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  1. Up till i saw winston s statue being disrespected i supported the demonstrations but now ..i seriously say those responsible really do need to go home and read sum history person in his life fought harder to unite our country to stop us becomming slaves than he did ..

  2. Shouldn’t it be called ‘lives matter’ ?

    I’d like to bet none of this lot have any idea about the actual stats of black crime against black and even less about black on white. White on black is magnitudes lower.

    Uninformed jokers running with the pack

  3. Jamie, it is important to educate yourself. You live in a city where a slave was freed and allowed to do as he pleased thanks to the person that invented the dictionary. All lives do matter but until you understand that people are being treated negatively due to the colour of their skin then you need not comment. I am happy to discuss with you my experiences but something tells me your mind is made up.

    Wharf Inn. Educate yourself about the history of Winston Churchill and not the good parts of his legacy.

    If you find this movement troubling ask yourself why. Then ask yourself why again. Then explain to your kids, parents or colleagues why you dismiss the experiences of ethnic minorities when they tell you how they have been treated and how they feel.

    Do not let the few vandals mask the positive and successful movement currently in place.

  4. The Media will always twist things. On your Facebook page for example, will only portray one side of the story and only one ideology. It seems like whoever is running the Facebook page will do that by deleting polite Facebook comments and allowing the horrible and nasty comments to stay. It seems like you’re perhaps one of the reasons why people are protesting. Allowing an older man to take advantage of a young girl and call her ‘a dopey cow’, shows more of you than it does to the man. Grow up, and let people have their say regardless if you agree with it or not. So much for a local newspaper.

  5. Hi Mia,

    We have not deleted “polite comments” from here or anywhere else. We also aren’t “a local newspaper”.

    We understand tensions run high on issues such as this, but spinning an inaccurate anti-media line isn’t correct on this occasion. You’ll see that we have been one of the only outlets to cover the protest in Lichfield at all, so quite how we only allow one side of the issue I’m not sure. You’ll also see from comments here and elsewhere that we have always allowed people to take opposite views on issues as long as they do not breach laws or the Ts and Cs of any particular platform being used at the tine. This will mean viewpoints that people may not agree with, but it prevents the kind of false accusations you have made about us dictating which views do or do not get heard.

    As always, any individual concerns or issues can be flagged to us by getting in touch directly via email.

  6. I see the sheep have reached lovely Lichfield. ALL LIVES MATTER .Not just BLM George floyd was a well known criminal. But did not deserve to die . So many white and blacks have been killed by murder and by police and by each other . What’s all the fuss all of a sudden. Let’s all grow up .

  7. Ross, based on what you have said in response to Mia, how have you allowed an anti black lives matter protester in John Bailey to leave such a comment.

    John if you want to learn then use google to understand why your comment is disrespectful and inflammatory. You have, as a lot off the All Lives Matter movement, decided to focus on what fits your agenda rather than listen to the argument. Use that same energy to find facts that give you a more rounded understanding. Why was Breonna Taylor killed? Who are you asking to grow up? Please do not refer to us as Blacks as this is extremely offensive! Education!

  8. Shouldn’t all statues of Queen Victoria be removed? She presided over the most devisive period in the Sub Continent’s history. Surely if we are being consistent all perpetrators should be dealt with equally.

  9. I see the ‘all lives matter,’ brigade are out, yes all lives matter, but to use it as a response to Black Lives Matter assumes that everyone is treated equally now.

    It’s a typical right-wing libertarian response to debase the message, and it’s a nonsense.

  10. Hi Education – BLM,

    As I said in my other comment, people can contact us via email with a link to specific comments which breach either law or platform T&Cs so we can assess.


  11. Education BLM, why are you solely focussed on people being treated differently due to the colour of their skin ? There is just as much prejudice about the way people talk or the school they went to.

    With regard to the George Floyd case in the Usa, the statistics prove in the UK that this is not the case here. A white person is more likely to die in police custody than a black person.

    Why don’t you concentrate on the issues in this country rather look to America for inspiration?

    People just need to see others as good or bad people first, the rest is irrelevant.

  12. Philip, Wouldn’t you be disappointed if someone said “Lichfield is mainly whites”, rather than “Lichfield is mainly white people”? The point being that you’re not a white, you’re a white person. Thus it follows someone black is a black person, not “a black”.

  13. Mark, you say that this is not a british issue, but are you aware that according to stats released by the Met Office, black people are almost four times more likely to have force used against them? The only reason there are more white deaths is because the uk is about 75% white, but that doesn’t mean a white person is more likely to die in custody. If the population was an equal mix of all ethnicities, you would hope police brutality and deaths would be the same number, but as I stated earlier, black people would be 4 times more likely to experience force from the police if the population was leveled out. This statistic alone highlights a large issue in our British society and raises the question – if our police always carried guns, would this still be an “American issue”?

  14. The UK police do not carry arms so any comment in that direction is rubbish, If you look at London or Birmingham you will find knifing and shooting is more often than not Coloured on Coloured though they are only about 10% of the population. That must mean something

  15. The stats I quoted take into account that there are more white people in the UK than black.

    An white person who is arrested is 25% more likely to die in police custody than any other ethnicity.

  16. You’re right ML, it does mean something. It means that those in poverty are far more likely to be involved in violent crime and far more likely to be none white. Coloured an old fashioned and offensive term, try not to use it again. Glasgow has very little black on black crime, but is more violent than London. That violence again rooted in poverty, just more likely to be whites in poverty. Most violent crime has the attacker and victim of the same race, in major cities all around the world that violence always has its roots in poverty, gangs, and organised crime.

    I recommend reading some articles by Akala, he is very well researched in such things.

    So, in response to your clever observation and asking what it means. It means that institutionalised racism ingrained throughout English society keeps a disproportionate number of black people in poverty.

    Now what do you think we should do about that?

  17. Chris education is open to all in the UK if you are saying that using the word coloured is racist it is you that is racist because you have no idea if I am black,white or sky blue pink with yellow spots

  18. Roy, I too couldn’t see the connection, but a quick scan of the Urban Dictionary informed me that it is a promiscuous woman – shall we say.

    Here’s me thinking it was a long handled, gardening tool for all those years.

    PS. I wonder if Dr. Johnson picked that up?

  19. I’ve been to Lichfield on many occasions, I’ve been for nights out in Lichfield and shopping during the day time. I am a mature black female and people in Lichfield do not hide their dislike for non whites. Many a time I’ve been stared at as if I’ve just fallen out of the sky or as if people have never seen a black person before this is not a glance this has been contious staring. I’ve heard people in pubs pass bigoted remarks. I don’t even understand why a place like Lichfield would be protesting I think people got confused. They were meant to be at the Tommy Robinson march. How can you be protesting BLM but Lichfield from my experience is a racist place.

  20. Andree Michaels What you are saying is not true there are all races living in and around Lichfield and the “white” population is not standing around staring at them. You are either imagining it or just making it up

  21. Andree, it’s sad that you feel that way. But to say “Lichfield is a racist place” is quite a generalisation, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that you have perceived some prejudice from some people in Lichfield? And like any other town, Lichfield relies on visitors to keep going – the point being that you can’t possibly know if the people you experienced are from Lichfield or not. I’ve seen many incidents of unpleasant behaviour in many towns, but it wouldn’t be fair to tar the whole place with the same brush, would it?

  22. Andree, are you actually accusing the Lichfield BLM protesters as being racists who should have been at a Tommy Robinson march because they’re from Lichfield?

    I’m a supporter of the BLM movement, but you’re as off key as the “White Lives Matter” chanters here.

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