The Greyhound in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

Campaigners say they hope to save part of a Lichfield pub from being demolished to make way for housing.

Planning permission is being sought for the Greyhound Inn on Upper St John Street.

Ten new homes are being proposed for the site, with demolition of the single-storey element of the existing pub building.

But in an email to members, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has said it intends to fight the plans.

“The application seeks to demolish the single storey level of the Greyhound containing the majority of the pub including the bar.

“This would allow the developer to place ten houses on the site, which includes land surrounding the pub.

“This is despite permission already in place which allows eight dwellings on the surrounding area but would leave the pub largely intact.

“In other words, the developer is trying to shoehorn in two extra dwellings at the expense of the pub.

“The application also misleadingly describes the building as ‘previously used as a public house’, despite it being currently closed only due to COVID-19, and with the CAMRA-supporting licensee being keen to re-open this community pub.”

CAMRA spokesperson

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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15 replies on “Group hoping to save part of Lichfield pub from being demolished to make way for housing”

  1. Why are developers being allowed to build there ? There are enough houses around that area, keep the pub for the community

  2. We will have more housing being built and less facilities for them in the future
    We have enough house building and retirement properties here,but not enough leisure facilities for people.
    We could do with a cinema,we need more for younger people in our city.

  3. Pubs are closing because there arent enough customers.
    Rather than complaining about additional housing, and lack of a community resource, did what you can to save your local…..
    Become a regular, Covid 19 has empowered a community spirit, meet up with your neighbours, support your local.

  4. The greyhound is a well established pub it is a traditional locals pub which should be left well alone. I think it’s disgraceful that the developer can even try and push this issue in the first place. Let’s hope common sense overrules greed. Support your local pub

  5. The closure of the Greyhound would be a social injustice to the community. Regular members of the pub offer both group and one to one help to the old and infirm as well as those living on their own or with limited mobility. They make a valuable contribution to the well being of many members of the local community. During the year the pub offers many social events particularly enjoyed by those unable or reticent to walk into town to jostle with groups of younger people. In short this pub provides a vital community service where social services and alternative entertainment venues are lacking.

  6. I have lived in lichfield for 40 odd years and just round the corner from the greyhound. My dad of 83 years old has been going to the greyhound since we moved here and loves the socialing. As it has it’s regulars and a very friendly atmoshere. I also had many good times there growing up with my family. It will be a great shame to see the pub go. My dad will be gutted as he lives on his own and that’s where he meets his friends every day. So if the pub goes he won’t have anywhere to go.
    Do we really need more houses built!!! Hasn’t Lichfield got enough!!!
    It’s very sad.

  7. What on earth?

    How is that even a possibility?

    Something worthy of discussion regards housing around here, more and more popping up, no road improvements, no new schools, awful traffic, my council tax just shot up by 300 and they want to add more houses at the expense of a local community public house?


  8. Lifestyles have changed and drinking is not a big part of many people’s lives. If the pub isn’t profitable then who can blame the owners for selling up? Which of us, hand on heart, would do otherwise?

  9. Richard if drinking is not part of many peoples lives why are Lichfield and surrounding areas pubs absolutly overflowing in the evening

  10. ML, I’m not sure which pubs you refer to but I’ve literally never seen any pub in Lichfield overflowing…and certainly not on Sunday to Thursday nights. If you can run a business on two nights trading you’re doing very well.

  11. One of the last pubs that has a “proper” pub feel. Really good regulars and a homely feel. Darts teams also based out of here and supports the surrounding community. Developers are greedy. Ruining all this for 2 extra houses.
    Vinnie has our support!!

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