Black Lives Matter protest in Lichfield

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People in Lichfield and Burntwood taking part in Black Lives Matter demonstrations are being urged to use a peaceful but powerful voice.

Protests have taken place around the globe following the death of George Floyd in the USA.

A demonstration in Lichfield passed off peacefully with hundreds turning out to make their feelings known.

Staffordshire Police Commissioner Matthew Ellis has said people should air their views on the issue.

Matthew Ellis

“I defy anyone not to be moved beyond outrage by what we saw happening in Minneapolis and it’s right that we express our feelings at the inhumanity it demonstrated.

“The UK has a powerful track record of demonstrating publicly – the cause of genuine equality and an end to discrimination of any sort couldn’t be more important.

‘The message of the need for continued change here and globally must be the story and I urge everyone who wants to be involved to be peaceful, but with a powerful voice.”

Staffordshire Commissioner Matthew Ellis

Mr Ellis also made a plea for social distancing rules to be followed in all marches and demonstrations.

“The cause being demonstrated must take centre stage, so I respectfully ask that everyone involved takes care of themselves and of others by following the social distancing that will help protect people from Covid-19 infection.”

Staffordshire Commissioner Matthew Ellis


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  1. It’s interesting to hear the Police Commissioner express his desire to end discrimination if any sort – I sincerely hope that he will start with the highly disproportionate numbers of “stop and search” and “arrests” of people who are not white (2% of the local population?) made by Staffordshire Police!

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