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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has said decisions by companies such as Unilever and Nissan to invest in the UK show why Brexit was the right decision.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant made his comments in a Cabinet Office debate earlier today (11th June).

It comes after Unilever confirmed it would base itself in the UK. Nissan had previously opted to keep a plant in the country open while closing one in Spain.

Mr Fabricant asked:

“Is not the real problem that Michel Barnier has got absolutely no room for manoeuvre at all because he has to do what has been agreed with the other 27 countries?

“And isn’t this very lack of agility – this lack of flexibility – the very reason why we have decided to leave the European Union, and why companies like Unilever have announced today that they are centring their operations, here in the United Kingdom?”

Michael Fabricant MP

Cabinet member Michael Gove said his Conservative colleague had “put it perfectly”. He added:

“I don’t think that we’ve heard any sage of Lichfield since Dr Johnson who has put things quite so well.”

Michael Gove MP

Mr Fabricant said after the debate that the EU had shown why the UK needed to leave.

“This intransigence over fishing rights in UK waters for European Union fishermen, their insistence that we continue to abide by all future EU regulations, and continuing to pay into the future EU budget, is why seeking to extend the transition period beyond 2020 will be so costly and unbeneficial to the UK.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Oh dear God why have we been saddled with this person? How many Tory MPs are less sycophantic? Plenty. How many are above Fabricant in the league of good constituency MPs? About 600/650. Come on Fabbo tell us how wonderful for our farmers the US trade deal will be, how wonderful the ‘oven ready’ EU/UK deal is, how much transnational corporations look forward to a low wage, legislation free country.

  2. I suspect he will stand down at the next election. He’ll be in his 70s, the economy will have tanked, he will be even more out of touch than he is now, Lichfield will probably still be a safe seat to be given to someone new.

  3. Was he watching when the Nissan CEO stated that their UK operation would be “untenable” should we not get a trade deal.

    We’re got about 15 days to get that trade deal…

  4. Hmmm this is far from a big thumbs up for brexit Britain from Unilever.
    It has been trying desperately to unify its Anglo-Dutch structure for years because the current legal structure creates disadvantages for it and make it less agile.
    After brexit it wanted its primary listing in Amsterdam but the UK shareholders were set to vote against it.
    They have no choice to go for a single listing in London now and the Dutch shareholders could still vote against it.
    Here’s what Unilever say
    ‘We remain committed to The Netherlands and the UK and there will be no change to Unilever’s footprint in either country as a result of the proposed change to Unilever’s legal parent structure’.
    You’re welcome Mr Fabricant.

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