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Figures have revealed that almost a third of all people in Lichfield and Burntwood who died between March and May had COVID-19.

The Office for National Statistics data shows that more than 100 people in this area died as a result of coronavirus during the three month period.

Lichfield East had the highest number of coronavirus deaths with 21 recorded, with Lichfield Central next on the list with 16.

  • Armitage and Colton – 9
  • Alrewas, Fradley and Kings Bromley – 11
  • Burntwood North East and Longdon – 5
  • Lichfield Central – 16
  • Lichfield East – 21
  • Burntwood West – 3
  • Lichfield West and South – 6
  • Whittington, Hopwas and Clifton Campville – 8
  • Chase Terrace and Hammerwich – 10
  • Chasetown – 3
  • Shenstone, Stonnall and Little Aston – 11
  • Fazeley, Mile Oak and Drayton Bassett – 5

The figures also reveal COVID-19 was responsible for 38% of all deaths in Lichfield and Burntwood during this period.

The percentages of deaths involving coronavirus for each area are below:

  • Armitage and Colton – 21%
  • Alrewas, Fradley and Kings Bromley – 37%
  • Burntwood North East and London – 29%
  • Lichfield Central – 30%
  • Lichfield East – 31%
  • Burntwood West – 15%
  • Lichfield West and South – 24%
  • Whittington, Hopwas and Clifton Campville – 28%
  • Chase Terrace and Hammerwich – 21%
  • Chasetown – 23%
  • Shenstone, Stonnall and Little Aston – 24%
  • Fazeley, Mile Oak and Drayton Bassett – 26%


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  1. Not on the data we have looked at for this particular top level view…but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist.

  2. Thank you, Ross
    Thoughts to all families and friends affected.

    Question for the MP – do you have anything to say to people affected and how many deaths could have been prevented if the govt had taken swifter action?

  3. Thank you Ross for this information, at least we now know how many people have unfortuately died in our area not just the whole of Staffordshire. Have we have any figures on the age of these people who died, how many people have had the virus and more importantly how many people in our area have it now? If we knew this it may make people and their older children more cautious now that lockdown is being more relaxed.

  4. With about one in a thousand dying, and largely in a group with underlying problems, this is not much above a bad flu outbreak. Had it been realised earlier that the older population were most at risk then the situation could have been handled quite differently. I am surprise that, with the proliferation of care homes in the area, the figures are not higher.
    In order to help those with other serious illnesses, domestic issues (i.e. mental health), and the economy it now needs a different approach. This will be a difficult balancing act, but the cure is starting to prove more damaging than the problem. Coronavirus might remain in the population for some time. It is looking like a vaccine won’t be available in time to prevent catastrophic damage to the whole of society if we don’t move on soon.

  5. I am fed up with people who criticise the government for not taking action quicker what’s happened to common sense you don’t have to wait to be told to do the obvious grow up

  6. What happened has happened. The figures cannot be changed. There is no point in trying to analyse what might have happened had a particular action been taken sooner or later. All we can do is go forward in whatever way is decided.

  7. Helen Betts – yes there is, we’ve been one of the most deathly countries per population for the virus. Presumably you haven’t been directly impacted by it?
    Why shouldn’t it be questioned.
    Peter Donaldson. Common sense? Perhaps if the govt had used a bit more of that in March rather than pandering to populist sound bites we’d have less dead. Lots of people sadly trust their govt so if they don’t tell you to lockdown they won’t. Ask the care home workers who had no choice but to take infected elderly people into their care homes.
    Phillip Allso. It isn’t just a bad flu outbreak there are many examples of people who’ve recovered but have serious health issues afterwards when they were healthy before.

  8. Stay home no matter what the government says especially if you are Elderly, have an underlying health condition, not forgetting our black an Asian communities, they now have facts that the virus, can be as deadly for them. Without a cure or a treatment we are all at risk, it’s upto you to decide. We should be wearing masks to help stop the spread and if we all wore a mask we would protect each other, prevention is better than a cure even if we had one. also eye protection. above all do not touch your face and keep washing your hands with soap and water. Simple things will stop this spreading and cut the horrendous amount of deaths we are seeing in this country. We can hold the government to account when this is over.

  9. There are care homes that have survived without a single death, in these it was proper management and care of the situation that prevented it from happening. In a private care home where people pay to be looked after, surly it is down to the management to look after the patients and staff and provide them with the correct equipment. Not the government

  10. John Griffin, explain? The government acted based on scientific advice of sage. Show some compassion for those affected I suspect more than you have. I think Peter’s sentiment reflects the majority of people across the political spectrum

  11. SAGE advisers unanimously agreed on 13 March that the Government should not lockdown at that time (as their own minutes show) so Ministers appear to have followed the scientific and medical advice given to them at the time. Those are the independent experts that lots of people were so keen to quote not so long ago, when it suited their point-scoring.

  12. If you believe that the advice from SAGE is without political influence, then you’re more stupid than I imagined.

    I believe John Griffin is referring to countries considered exemplar in this virus outbreak i.e. locked down early, implemented test, trace and isolate early. For example New Zealand, with their 22 deaths and our 41.6k.

    And Rob hits one towards the stand only to have it caught at the boundary, again, experts were dismissed by Brexiters, not now.

  13. The full Sage advice has not been published in the public domain so how do we know that the government has followed their advice? What advice has been published has been seen to be heavily redacted. Why?

  14. 66,000 deaths, excess deaths, many due to patients sent to care homes, no test/trace effective, no proper quarantine, failure to respond, advisors breaking ranks to say decisions have been political not scientific, this list is endless. Philip Allso I am 68 and have had flu three times. I had COVID19 starting 22nd March caught from a 6th form ski party returning from Italy. It is very little like flu and has recurrent aftereffects (the experience of the 6 people I know to have had it, including 1 CFS and 1 pneumonia). Those defending what has been done in this country are inexcusable; whether incompetent or malign, to allow the third highest death toll is not a matter for weasel words, and that includes the impostor of an MP we have.

  15. @John Griffin, I’m sorry to hear you have been ill. I also came down with Covid-19 on 17th March, and it has taken me until now to recover. As a previously healthy 44-year-old, I still have some after-effects and I’m wondering if this will damage my health long-term. It’s quite different to the flu and it’s not just about deaths, people are looking at it in far too simplistic a way.

    The government’s response has basically been to do absolutely nothing for months and abandon testing in early March so we’ve never had any clear idea whatsoever about the spread of the virus , and then they panicked and locked down. After a few weeks they started in with the weasel words and confusing, meaningless slogans, basically telling people to go out and take their chances and it’ll probably be all right (Stay Alert? What does that mean? Watch out in case you see Fabbo’s wig haystacking its way down the street towards you, so that you can run and hide from a torrent of Tory lies?) Even now, I gather that their ‘track and trace’ system does not offer testing to the contacts of those infected, just advises them to stay home, so we still have no idea what is actually going on.

    This is a complete shambles from a brazenly deceitful and incompetent government, and yes they should be held to account.

  16. Would also add the British media have let us down. Having emailed the news channels beginning May BBC, ski, ITV and the Daily Express, stating the obvious, it was a fact then that certain people were at an extremely high risk those from BAME, ELDERLY and with underlying health issues, diabetes, obesity, etc my request that they shout from the rooftops, suggesting that they be allowed to be redeployed or stay at home on full pay. Not a murmur, although the amount of coverage in endeavouring to bring down Dom Cummings was incredulous. It was and still is a simple task to do a risk assessment of all those working in the NHS and social services based on AGE, ETHNICITY, underlying health issues Diabetes, Obesity, Ect with score of risk provided by the experts any individual having an unacceptable rating should be requested to shield immediately. Shame on the media not promoting front page coverage every day, they could have saved lives.

  17. John, I was not comparing flu with coronavirus as an illness. Annual infections contribute to the total death rate. It was in this context I was making comparison.
    You have been lucky to survive. But my contention is (notwithstanding any criticism of the government ) that enough was known about the virus to totally shield you and the vulnerable portion of the population before it reached these shores.
    Many countries adopted this position with successful results. It also means that other groups who were less affected might have returned to more relaxed measures sooner.
    It seems to me that collaberation with other countries for shared knowledge and experience has not taken place. Otherwise, exactly why have we had such a massive death rate compaired with so many other countries? Issues arising from this outbreak are now causing real concern for both the present and long term future. The measures being taken by the government seem to be more in hope than expectation. While some might have blind faith in what is being done, I think it legitimate to question decisions that might end or damage our lives or cause us great poverty.

  18. Can you tell me why chase terrace is paired with Hammerwich to view the death rate for areas our Boroughs aren’t even next to one another it makes sense to have them all separate

  19. This is so very sad.Every death is heartache for a family . Can we pray that people stop gathering in parts of the country and let us work together to beat this virus and general unrest. Every death counts.

  20. I agree with Andy regarding private care homes. Many that I’ve seen on the news bemoaning the government’s failure to provide them with PPE are private, for profit, businesses that charge many £100s, if not £1000s, a week per resident. Surely it is their responsibility to provide this to ensure the health and safety of both their employees and that of their paying customers?

  21. My feelings exactly Jo and no doubt these residents were still having to pay their fees even during the crisis, so the owners can’t moan they don’t have the funds. Therefore the government ( us) provides For them so they can then look forward to the Caribbean holiday some time soon.

  22. There are passionate, compassionate, caring lovely people doing all they can to protect and care for our older family members living in residential homes. The hourly rate is between £8 and in exceptional instances £10 per hour. Our warmth and recognition, respect and generosity to these front line carers is a behaviour we can be proud of.
    Who are these businesses living on Carribbean Yachts whilst people are dying?

  23. Lichfield was packed today people were not social distancing at all.
    I saw about six people wearing masks me included.
    There was a large crowd looking at birthday cards on the market stall.
    I think masks should be mandatory like on public transport.
    We will end up with this pandemic becoming really bad again.
    Benches were marked saying only one person allowed but they were all full as well.

  24. In response to the action taken against Covid I understand that universities are introducing a new degree course entitled “wise after the event” subtitled “hindsight by the intelligent amongst us”

  25. I’m afraid that the Cummings jaunt changed everything – as I suspect it was intended to, as was the change of perception signalled by the meaningless ‘stay alert’ leading blaming the population. The emphasis on masks has contributed as people seem to think a mask means no need to socially distance. Once the relaxation started most seemed to go back to ‘normal’. Today I was shopping for a shielded person and in Morrisons most seemed to think staring ahead and marching on was social distancing. We’re doomed, I tell you, doomed. And despite the denials, this government is to blame, and our vapid MP is complicit.

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