Police have had to break up a late night gathering of around 300 people in Lichfield.

The incident happened at 11.15pm yesterday (13th June) after reports of a crowd in Brookhay Lane, Whittington.

As well as dispersing the group, others who were still arriving were turned away by officers.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“The gathering breaches coronavirus health regulations that prevents gatherings of more than six people to stop the spread of the virus which risks lives. 

“Traffic on the nearby A38 was slowed as a safety precaution and British Transport Police attended due to the nearby railway line.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

One local resident told Lichfield Live more needed to be done to prevent the area being used for large gatherings.

“This is not the first time these woods have been used by people who desecrate our country side.

“The police and local authorities need to act to protect the place for the genuine country lovers who use the facility all year round without any incident at all.”

Local resident

Other residents shared pictures of the aftermath of the gathering on social media.



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8 replies on “Police break up gathering of 300 people in Lichfield”

  1. I have to wonder whether or not the lovely people of Lichfield will make as many derogatory remarks about this as they did about the BLM protest last week ?!?!

  2. The BLM riots were condoned by councils, police comisioners and chief of police BUT this week ends were by Thugs something has gone very very sick in this country. If Johnson had the balls he would get the military guarding ourheritage but he hasn’t

  3. Interesting that our MP refers to the culprits as “stupid w**kers” on Twitter, BLM protestors as “common criminals” and yet nothing on the right-wing rioters in London yesterday.

    Hang on, of course it isn’t interesting. It is utterly predictable.
    Selective statements to suit his own personal agenda and political survival is his style.
    Disparaging those who are unlikely to be his voters, crying foul of those who dare question him as lacking intelligence or simply trolls, stirring hatred and division and endorsing outright falsehoods by his retweeting of inflamatory and incorrect claims is all we can truly expect.
    Lichfield and District Tories should be ashamed. There are far more worthy individuals within the local party who should be getting your support.
    The local Conservatives should also be worried about where this is likely to lead their party too.

  4. Well you cannot blame the kids of Lichfield can you really as there’s nothing for them to do around here.wheres our bowling alley. Where’s our cinema.wheres our fun play area. Nothing here but cafes cafes cafes and residential homes for old ppl.

  5. Yvonne, the A38 was closed to deter more people from arriving at the “rave” so it’s safe to assume a lot of those in attendance were from outside Lichfield. I’m not sure a bowling alley or cinema would have stopped the event taking place. Kids always have and always will do things they shouldn’t, but the horrible mess left behind speaks volumes about how they view other people’s land and property.

  6. As a local resident who was involved inthe clear up ,I’d just like to say, Yvonne how would you like these people partying and destroying your property, our horses were terrified.our driveway was blocked for most of Sunday. The classy revellers left behind used underwear and defecated on the road side.coming to a field or disused building near you soon#disgrace

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