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Resurfacing work on roads in Burntwood has been completed ahead of schedule.

Staffordshire County Council said the projects on the roundabout at the A5190 Cannock Road and Miner’s Way, and the A5190 near Swan Island were brought forward to take advantaged of reduced traffic because of coronavirus.

Cllr Helen Fisher said the works had cost more than £150,000.

“Since lockdown started, our highways crews have been taking advantage of less traffic on the road to carry out essential repairs.

“Normally, a major issue with repairs is traffic and traffic management, which is why they need to be carefully planned.

“With fewer cars on the road at the moment, this has been the perfect opportunity to complete some of the jobs we would normally have to delay until the school summer holidays.

“Roads are important for everyone, so where we can pull our maintenance and resurfacing work forward and finish it ahead of schedule, we will.”

Cllr Helen Fisher, Staffordshire County Council


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  1. Alan, this isn’t a Staffordshire County Council website so l very much doubt you’ll get an answer for your question. Maybe contact them directly?

  2. The Rd by waitrose is horrendous great big pieces missing out of the Rd one piece must be a out 6ft they need looking at

  3. Quite a speedy turnaround actually. I think I reported the first huge pothole at Swan Island in January 2015, so just a mere 5 years or so.

    Pretty speedy, I think you’ll agree.

    All we need now is the ones by Morrisons sorting, the holes by Waitrose in Lichfield doing and the many hundreds of others. Should all be sorted by 2025 provided nobody drives anywhere.

  4. Awesome it’s only taken them 6 years to fix the road at swan Island…..

    If it only cost 150k to do all 3 sites…. What have they been spending the money on?

    Oh that’s right
    The s**t show of a resurfacing of the Lichfield road

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