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Normal levels of employment are unlikely to return across Lichfield and Burntwood until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, the area’s MP has warned.

Michael Fabricant’s comments come after it was revealed that up to 31st May 12,500 jobs had been furloughed across the Lichfield area – equivalent to 22% of the local population aged 16 to 64.

A further 3,200 claims were made to the Self Employment Income Support scheme.

“These figures include those who had their claim processed by the Department for Work and Pensions by the middle of May, almost two months after the Government’s instruction to stay at home.

“This shows that both employed and self-employed workers in the Lichfield constituency – which includes Burntwood and reaches north of Abbots Bromley – are taking full advantage of the Government’s support schemes. 

“This is helpful in keeping the economy going during this unprecedented pandemic.

“Those who are not on COVID-19 support schemes in the Lichfield constituency and are unemployed and claiming benefits represent 4.9% of the working population locally which compares extremely well with the national average of 6.4%.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Although the furlough scheme has been extended, there are concerns that as it is phased out jobs could be lost.

The Conservative MP added:

“Sadly, I fear that we will only see a return to the normal rates of high employment in our area when the pandemic has ended, probably as a result of mass vaccination which will be many months yet.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. This is not what he was saying at the start of lockdown. As I had just lost my job I seem to recall quite clearly how clear he was that the future was still bright and employment would remain steady. All of a sudden he has changed his tune.
    I have very little patience left for our MP. He seems completely out of touch with the reality of the situation we are all facing.
    I am beginning to think he is in his own little bubble already, which is far removed from the Conservative Party way of thinking that I recognise and support.

  2. And of course it will get worse once Mr Fabricant’s wish of a no deal Brexit becomes a reality. I would like him to justify Brexit to someone who loses their job as a result of it. Of course he is ok on his recession proof MP‘a salary and pension.

  3. I think Lichfield will be a very different place politically in the future.
    Empty words and the chaos of Brexit will make people think differently. Mix that with high unemployment and I dread to think what will happen.
    More younger people with mortgages coming into Lichfield now. They won’t stand for it.

  4. Well, he is just saying what he thinks is the case, and now likely to happen. You can’t blame him for a lack of omniscience! Oh it’s the Anti-Brexit comments again . Please get over it, it’s a pandemic….

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