Markets on Market Square

A plan to relocate Lichfield’s markets to create an outdoor area for bars and restaurants has been ditched.

The proposal was put forward by Lichfield Place Board to help hospitality businesses when they reopen.

But it faced a backlash from market traders who would have move to the Bird Street car park if the scheme had been given the go ahead.

A Lichfield City Council spokesperson confirmed the plans had been shelved.

“The city council resolved not to relocate Lichfield markets and the Lichfield Place Board has been made aware.”

Lichfield City Council spokesperson


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  1. So, how is the entire hospitality sector going to be supported with their countless jobs? It was never just about drinkers that is just the misrepresentation of the issue in the comments section who seem to have failed to read the actual plans. Saying it doesn’t make it so however many times you repeat the lie.

  2. Lichield market has a long history of being where it is and although it’not a very large market, should stay where it is,the stall holders have to cough up enough money every week , and by moving it to the car park,just where do all the motorists park ? Tesco’s

  3. There is truth in what you say in the stereotypical response from the elderly population David. Not everyone who enjoys a modest drink and the society of friends is a drunk! In fact few are.
    Much of Lichfield centre is given over to cafes and restaurants so it is natural they are desperate to resume trading. The practicalities of doing this outdoors and in a safe manner are the real problem. For a start you need decent weather; then a delivery system that is not a sinecure of the real experience. Likewise you cannot deny the market traders their traditional rights.
    The economy does need to resume certain activities as best it can. This may involve a degree of risk for everyone as the virus will outlive the viability of the lockdown. Not many business could survive many more months of this.
    A minor suggestion I will make is that fans in restaurants, shops etcetera causing a through draft would cause air turbulence that would dissipate droplets. This would reduce the contagious potential and make such places safer Let’s face it, if you would be happy to eat and drink outside, a bit of breeze inside should be of no consequence.
    The council should have a task force to analyse how to save a sector of our community in which we all (including them) have a vested interest.

  4. Incredibly selfish by the market traders in my opinion. Bird street car park is literately the other side of the square so it’s hardly taking them away from the centre of Lichfield. The market traders are lucky that they have now been able to reopen, but they want to deny the local pubs, restaurants and cafes etc of the same right. We should all be working together at this difficult time and supporting each other! I do not understand why it can’t be shared either? Alternate days/nights? This would only be a temporary change and it just seems as though the market traders have thrown their ‘dummy out of the pram’ and don’t care about the livelihoods of other local businesses, who probably bring business to them the rest of the year. I am neither a market trader or work in the hospitality industry (and as a busy self employed mum of 3 I am definitely not a ‘drunk’) so it doesn’t not affect me either way, I just think its very sad

  5. I’ve lived in Lichfield for about 15 years now and, I adore the city. However, I’ve never really seen the point of the market and I think I’ve only purchased something from it on two occasions. I understand the history behind it and I’m not opposed to there being a market there but, most of the stalls just sell tat. Dog food, sweets, cheap batteries, vacuum cleaner accessories……it’s generally just cheap tat they you could easily get in several other shops within walking distance. There are a few nice stalls but they’re in the minority. Can we not have a more engaging/imaginative market, instead of budget effort we currently have?

  6. The few do a very effective job of spoiling it for the majority.
    The few who insist on trying to force their “good time” on all those around them are the reason for this decision. Why make it a no go area for a large number of local people just so that the few can loudly and obnoxiously enjoy yet another drink?

  7. Absolutely astounded, yet again the market traders have stymied an idea to reinvigorate Lichfield. People who wanted to attend the social outlets in the square would have also visited the market to spend money. Instead the dull market prevails. Any visit to a market anywhere else in the world incorporates a social hub atmosphere with food outlets, wine and often music for all the family. Whenever the market is moved to the streets around Lichfield it feels more interesting and eclectic and encourages people to stay longer and ultimately spend money. Very disappointed at narrow minded people who think everyone who enjoys a glass is a drunkard…..I despair

  8. There is room for both.
    Market traders on their days and other days and evenings for hospitality.
    What is the problem other than a little extra work in setting up.
    COME ON COUNCIL think outside the box!

  9. I made a comment early on , i had just woken up and saw this about the market, i just had visions of crowds of peple coming into Lichfield like they did with Primark in Birmingham and causing chaos . I apologise to the people who like the odd drink . Yes reading some othe other messages i agree it could work if shared,as the market is not there everyday.

  10. To you lot who don’t seem to give a damn about a market that’s been there for a century you would be better off moving on again as it’s obvious your not Lichfield people..

  11. I must admit I never quite got this anyway and am happy to be enlightened.

    Were the drinking establishments going to be “pop-up” bars similar to those arising during food festivals, The Bower etc.? Or drinkers from the closest pubs – The Drum, Scales, George IV, Crown and others. Or possibly folk from some of the closer restaurants allowed to take drinks off premise?

    In any event I could see a world of plastic glasses, MacDonalds and Greggs wrappers, not to mention being a smoking area overspill – ergo piles of fag ends.

    Best left as it is I reckon.

    For those who enjoy pubs, if you had a drink in every bar from the Duke of York down Greenhill then turn right to The Drum, you’d be having your eighth in there.

    Mind you, how many of them will re-open post-Covid, who knows?

  12. Dot prior to covid I would see a lady sweeping up the fag ends and other detritus from around the few tables outside the pub what would the market place look like in the morning

  13. Dear Barry, I care about the market. However it is not there all week and there is this tiny thing called a Pandemic. That changes things a bit, for a while. To any moaners, I live here and I don’t drink but Would like to support the restaurants.

    Thanks Philip, I just thought the large number of restaurants needed some help not reactionary and petty comments but some constructive suggestions.

  14. “Your” wrong Barry. I live in Lichfield, do care about the market but also recognise the need to show some imagination and initiative.

  15. Hi Interesting comments re Lichfield Market. I thought creating a café seating area served by local cafés or a van was inspired. Could we try it on the non-market days? It could be a draw for tourists to return.

  16. FiPaw, Absolutely not. Before you know it you’ll have people sitting there enjoying being outside and having a good time. It’s a non-starter.

  17. Glad about the Market staying in its rightful place but what is going to happen on the Market Square on none market days?
    Have I missed something?

  18. No Denise, you’ve not missed anything. Absolutely nothing will happen on non-market days. There’s more details of the whys and why nots on the Lichfield (city, not council) website under the Committees tab.

  19. I have to admit that with all the comments, views and opinions I had completely lost sight that this arose from an article from the 24th of May seeking views on this being a seating area to assist reduced capacity, local businesses with social distancing, therefore a temporary arrangement (hopefully).

    I don’t actually think it is a bad idea for it to be a piazza (of sorts) during non-market days but it isn’t worth spending further energy on as it ain’t gonna happen.

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