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A Lichfield retailer says it will issue umbrellas to customers having to wait outside shops as part of coronavirus restrictions.

The number of people allowed in stores is limited due to social measures.

But Central England Co-op says it has now purchased umbrellas to ensure shoppers having to wait outside can brave the elements.

Matt Simpson, from Central England Co-op, said:

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“Our customers have been fantastic at working with us to ensure that we all keep safe and healthy during these uncertain times by adhering to social distancing measures.

“However, due to the unpredictable nature of British weather, we thought it best to ensure every store has a set of umbrellas for customers to use if they have to queue while waiting to enter our stores.

“The umbrellas will be sanitised between each use and hopefully will not be needed as we all enjoy a bright and hot summer.”

Matt Simpson, Central England Co-op

The store umbrellas follow the roll out of a second phase of social distancing measures that include permanent hand sanitiser stations at the front of all stores and a one-way system being put in place permanently.


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  1. That’s great news though I notice that Waitrose in Lichfield have been doing just this for some weeks without any fanfare…….
    (I now await predictable comments from Burntwood Council about the elitist shopping habits of ‘Lichfield’s Tory MP’, lol)

  2. Mr Fabricant – I would have thought being in your own little bubble ensured you are protected from the elements? It seems to do a good job of shielding you from reality.

  3. Permanently? eh…I will be boycotting your stores…we won’t be having social distancing for the rest of my life…neverending pandemic now that we all have to live under this…what a way to live…I dont want this rubbish.

  4. The Burntwood comment is a surprise since we didn’t know he knew anything about us, so must be a compliment to the Town Council, or Cllr Norman that he feels so snarky about us. And just to combat the implicit stereotyping, plenty of us shop at Waitrose since the Essentials range is comparable or cheaper than Morrisons. We avoid Aldi and Lidl because of the upper class mobs.

  5. Is this “we” and “us” the whole of Burntwood that you think you represent John, or just your class of children that you command?
    Implicit stereotyping you say.

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