New lifts have opened at Lichfield Trent Valley station – almost a year after they were due to be completed.

Planning began on the project at the end of 2018, but the project was dogged with problems.

The lifts during the initial construction at Lichfield Trent Valley

Issues with the foundations and other concerns saw the June 2019 scheduled opening come and go.

Ben Fitzpatrick, from Network Rail, said:

“I can now confirm the lifts at Lichfield Trent Valley are now open to public use.

“This project has taken longer than we would have liked to complete, with the COVID-19 lockdown affecting safe working practices.

“We will keep a close eye on the lifts for a period of time to make sure there are no faults or issues arise.”

Ben Fitzpatrick, Network Rail

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said he was pleased to see the facility finally being completed.

Michael Fabricant with engineers from Network Rail back in December 2018

“This has been a long campaign and it feels like an even longer construction period.

“The lifts were originally due to open in June of last year and a number of issues dogged its opening – these included problems with the foundations, faulty parts, and COVID-19.

“But I am delighted that the lifts have finally opened giving step free access to all three platforms at Lichfield Trent Valley station.

“Now, the only remaining obstacle to disabled access are the steps from the new car park down to the platforms, and plans are being drawn up to install a ramp. 

“I hope the construction will not be as drawn out as long as the lifts.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The plan to build the ramp connecting the car park with he London-bound platform was approved for £300,000 of funding earlier this year.


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6 replies on “New lifts finally open at Lichfield Trent Valley after a year of construction delays”

  1. Huge congratulations to all involved for this protracted farce.

    As a fitting memorial these lifts should forever be known as the Fabricant Ferniculars.

    After all, it was the tireless efforts of our campaigning hero what won them for us.

  2. On Lichfield Live in 2014 Mr F said: “This is good news, but is long overdue. My job now is to ensure that this project does not slip.” (In 2009 when he raised it in the House he was also hoping for a new railway station at Alrewas.)
    I’m still waiting for him to tell Lichfield Live why he has kept quiet about his demand to get the Burntwood to Lichfield road resurfaced by the County Council.
    You can make a fool of some of the people some of the time etc.

  3. Wowsers, over 300 years of FabricAnt being our MP and this is his first achievement. Round of applause tonight at 8pm? No? Anyone?

  4. Well after seeing some of the hairdos on show these days and Johnson looking like a Fabricant wannabe I reckon the MP’s hair must be right down his back now…right…right…?
    That surely would be his greatest achievement.

  5. Imagine if LDC had been in charge of this project. They would have bulldozed the station and then spent years working out what to do next.

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