Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP says he “had to do the right thing” in a vote on abortion regulations in Northern Ireland.

Michael Fabricant supported the plan to bring them in line with the rest of the UK, having previously been only possible for emergency medical reasons.

The legislation passed by 253 votes to 136, with 104 Conservative MPs voting in favour of change, while 124 Tory MPs voted against.

Mr Fabricant said he had considered both sides of the debate fully before opting to vote for the proposals.

“I had received a number of emails – many of them identical – from constituents urging me not to vote for any change in the law in Northern Ireland and pointing out that this is usually a devolved subject.

“But I had to do what, in my judgement, was the right thing to do.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said his decision to back the change in regulations had not been well received by some locals.

“I am now receiving some emails from constituents saying how disappointed they are in my decision, but I have to say to them that I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree. 

“I do not think it right that some women in Northern Ireland are being forced into dangerous ‘back street’ abortions which are not medically supervised, or are being compelled to travel overseas to get an abortion in the rest of the United Kingdom. 

“I believe this to be primitive and wrong.”

Michael Fabricant MP


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10 replies on “I had to do the right thing, says Lichfield and Burntwood MP after backing changes to Northern Ireland abortion regulations”

  1. Wouldn’t life be great if difficult decisions didn’t have to be made? All arguments are legitimate but often conflicting. We all lead lives where our very existence is being triaged by some organisation or another. There is a trade off with the withdrawal of coronavirus restrictions. Some will die; probably the elderly. Just one example of the many.
    On balance I think this is the right decision. Women should have the ultimate say in what happens in these situations. Fabricant was brave not to duck the issue.

  2. Abortion if not on Medical Grounds is Murder plain & Simple a Baby is a Human Life and no-one not Father or Mother has a Right to play His & kill it.

  3. Killing a Human Life if not on Medical Grounds is Morally Wrong. It isn’t up to either Parent to determine the Life or Death of a Baby at any Stage if it’s Development. From the Moment of Conception the DNA is Complete of a Human Being.

  4. Well done and thankyou Mr Fabricant for helping to ease a difficult dicision for many women in a hopeless situation often of no fault of their own.Why make life so difficult as long as these procedures are carried out within the correct time limits

  5. Well said Mr Fabricant.

    I’m usually one of the first people to disagree with you so, it’s only right I support you when I do agree with you.

    A difficult but (sadly) necessary decision.

  6. Well done Mr Fabricant. There are always going to be some that disagree and this is the sort of ’round robin’ topic that gets the hard line religious minority making every member send an individual letter to suggest wide support for their narrow views. You obviously noticed. Thank you for your considered response and progressive vote.

  7. I am so disappointed in your decision to vote fo this dreadful abortion law. This disregard for human life. All life is precious. Why vote for an awful law to bring it into line with an awful law in this country?

  8. I know people who would be creating havoc if they were doing this to animals. Abortion is the murder of the most innocent in life! How about changing lifestyles or is this too radical?

  9. Terry Wilson,

    What do you mean “people would create havoc if we did this to animals”? We do. On a massive, massive scale.

    Presumably you’re a strict vegan?

    No, thought not.

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