A still from footage posted online of the illegal rave in Lichfield

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Police have issued a warning to people in Lichfield and Burntwood thinking of attending “utterly unacceptable” illegal gatherings.

It comes after an unauthorised event in Lichfield last weekend saw 1,000 people breaching coronavirus rules.

Chief Superintendent Carl Ratcliffe said Staffordshire Police were aware of plans for further gatherings this weekend – and would take action if necessary.

He added that a policing operation was in place to target potential locations.

“I would like to send a really clear message to organisers of illegal raves – we will deal with you robustly and you may be prosecuted. 

“Please seriously consider the risks and understand that as organisers, it is your responsibility to keep people safe.

“There are often young teenagers in attendance, who are putting their lives in your hands.

“So please, I would ask people to think beforehand and ask yourself if it’s worth it.”

Supt Carl Ratcliffe

“Do not go to illegal raves and risk your lives”

The event last weekend saw around 1,000 people attend the event in woodland near Whittington.

A still from footage posted online of the illegal rave in Lichfield

“Clearly, this was a breach of the current coronavirus regulations and puts everyone at risk. 

“We want to warn young people of the significant risks posed by such events and keep our communities safe.

“To those thinking about attending such events – you could face enforcement action and receive a criminal record. Do not go to illegal raves and risk your lives. 

“A top priority for us will always be the safety of our communities and we will continue to strike the balance of proportionality and wider public safety with our overall response to incidents such as these.”

Supt Carl Ratcliffe

Anyone with information about potential illegal gatherings is asked to call police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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  1. Start opening places for people, who want to get on with their lives, up then. And can have a safe environment. 3 months of people lives who don’t buy into this overhyped variant of a flu virus nonsense, have already been taken away, how much longer are they going to have to go on with nothing to do, whilst the media and government does its best to paint people in a bad light, dress the corona virus as been a major killer on its own and put the NHS on some ridiculous pedestal. Can we go back to before Covid, to how the NHS struggles most of the time and is sued for negligence on a daily basis…
    My Grandma died recently of cancer and yet for some reason her death certificate has Covid-19 on it? And then all people are faced with is “death from Covid” statistics. Wise up people to controlled, targeted media and over hyped, inaccurate statistics that your being controlled by. Fairplay to people trying to get back to living the one life they get, have fun living your life without fearing the inevitability.

  2. So it’s ok for Thousands of people to protest b******t but not people who want to have a good time!! This degenerate country knows no bounds. “We want to warn young people of the significant risks posed by such events and keep our communities safe” don’t drink in a field kids just got to a protest and drink instead!

  3. There’s also another ‘disease’ that is fairly widespread at present; – and it’s called “selfishness” causing the ‘sufferers’ to forget that there are other humans as well as themselves!

  4. You didnt bloody take action..at 5.30 this morning beaconspark was covered. Absolutely LITTERED with beer bottles, drug paraphernalia & you say you care!

  5. If you stop supporting the notion of self imprisonment, and allow for the reopening of your country, your streets and parks etc may be kept quiet with the reduced need for unsitely, public releases. Suppression will always create back lashes.
    Instead of moaning on here, go and pick up all the rubbish that was left, don’t forget to walk like penguins, 2M metres apart haha, to avoid something or other. Fun fact did you know a sneeze can travel 10M? And also prolonged use of masks is detrimental to your health, so be careful.
    I pick up rubbish everyday with out stressing myself about it from car drivers who can’t take there rubbish with them. Are we going to ban cars? Needles can be put in a needles bin and collected by your council, be sure to wear gloves, wouldn’t another thing for you to worry about. Your precious NHS will suffer soon with the amount of numbers that will need help with loneliness and depression. But don’t worry keep staying in and isolating the actual people in need to live normally. Pathetic to live in so much fear. People self policing when they go out shopping, oooh stand back oooh you may kill me aaaah! So annoying, don’t go out if your that scared. Hurry the news is on at 18.35, to give probably more death statistics. Did we ever have a daily update of deaths in the UK before Covid was born?
    Approximately 67 million people live in the UK so put that into context when your being scared and isolating from statistics. Any one can throw numbers at you, never lose sight of that. But good luck with putting your life on hold for unforeseeable amount of time. I hope you can resume soon.
    Ps ear plugs are great for noise cancelling.

  6. @ Corona Hype, Go and play with traffic on the A38 and do us all a favor. Its a shame good people die and people like yourself who don’t give two s***s about this disease go on like its normal!

  7. 5G nothing to do with Covid and science says it is ok but the Facebook experts say it isn’t and it spreads covid19. If you believe that you have a screw missing

  8. Mike, I’m guessing that. “Corona Hype” may be of the belief that 5G is in someway connected to all this and the “chemtrails” of the “machine manufactured kill grid” are the real reason.

    Perhaps something like that or a reference to Bill Gates, the “Fake Mainstream Media” or some other crazy nonsense .

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