A Burntwood bus stop that has been removed twice by unknown people. Picture: Google Streetview

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A bus stop in Burntwood could be being deliberately damaged to allow scrap metal to be taken from it, a council report has claimed.

The facility opposite Aldi on Milestone Way was damaged at the end of May and subsequently removed.

But a report to Burntwood Town Council says who took it away is a mystery.

“So far, no evidence of the incident has been found.

“Staffordshire County Council, Lichfield District Council and the police have all been contacted, but none of them know how the shelter was damaged or where it has been removed too.

“Strangely, the incident is an exact replica of an earlier one in September 2017 where again the shelter was damaged and then take away.

“The person responsible for the damage and removal of the shelter we’re never identified.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council

Councillors will debate whether or not to replace the shelter – a move which could cost up to £5,500.

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Three options are on the table:

  • A like-for-like replacement costing £3,834
  • A timber replacement costing £5,495
  • Not replacing the shelter at all

“It is quite a coincident that the shelter is damaged and removed in the same way twice – it is possible that it was damaged so that metal could be taken away.

“The possibility remains that a metal replacement shelter could be equally at risk.

“A timber shelter is also at risk of damage, as a previous one on the site experienced some vandalism.

“The council also has the option of not replacing the shelter. Such a decision could be seen as contrary to the council’s ambitions to improve bus services in the town.

“It is well-used by schoolchildren and people travelling to work, so a decision not to replace it might not be popular with the public.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council

The cost of a new shelter would come from the insurance claim made against the removed one, with the additional price of a timber one coming from council reserves.

A decision will be made at Burntwood Town Council’s meeting this evening (25th June).


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  1. Maybe this is a project that can be replaced by the plastic we want to be rid of. Surely someone can come up with a design that uses recycled plastic? It would last forever, not need maintenance and be of no interest to others for further recycling. Also the cost would be less!! In fact a winner in all ways that could be used across the county.

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