Police in Burntwood have been targeting speeding drivers after complaints from residents.

It follows reports of vehicles travelling at high speed on the A5195 bypass near the M6 Toll.

PCSO Leon Worden said:

“Police have been at this location this evening and been carrying out a speed enforcement operation.

“A number of vehicles were found to be exceeding the 50mph limit on this road and will be receiving a notice of intended prosecution.”

PCSO Leon Worden


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8 replies on “Police target speeding drivers on stretch of road in Burntwood”

  1. And it’s not just ‘boy racers’, many I see when commuting or walking by the Rugby Club are older people in Audi/Bmw and vans. It’s becoming an epidemic all over Burntwood, especially late at night.

  2. it sounded like they were drifting at the aldi/morrisons islands.
    popping and banging, pain in the ar*e trying to enjoy birdsongs
    and that motorbike sounds like a bag of sh*t and surely not road legal exhaust
    its getting more like a free for all, do what you want era, i’m getting sick of it tbh.
    illegal number plates, potholes, parking is getting a nightmare round the oakdene.
    don’t mention drugs, jesus it smells like a junkies party every night when they get back from work. and the dogs! bark bark bark, shouting “quiet” after they’ve been barking for like 5 minutes. i could go on but getting wound up now. 2 years til i can sell up and move.

  3. I totally agree with better not say it’s not a nice place to live anymore when I moved to the area 30 years it was lovely place but i sorry to say its grim the only time i see the police is when they drive through. Don’t get me started on dogs barking. The people who own them must have good insulation or hearing problems

  4. that bloody motorbike/cross thing tonight 0.30 loud as hell people are trying to sleep ffs, ragging round oakdene, don’t give a sh*te probably stoned as all over the road.
    some people must think its alright to allow it.

    this town has had it! nobody gives a sh*te. i saw 3 drivers today on there mobile phones, probably drug dealers, as i know 1 of them. but it don’t matter. life goes on. i can’t wait for it to end.

  5. Lichfield and Burntwood are spiraling down at the moment.

    On warm evenings. I have to make the decision do I want to be warm at home. Or have a cannabis smelling breeze when I open the windows.

    There is a lot of crime in the area. Much of which is not reported.

    People are able to remove a bus shelter. Transport it and sell it. The police have no idea who has done it.

    There is very little for young people to do in the area. The council have just allowed developers to do what they want. More homes, more people and reduced facilities.

  6. Drug dealers with mobile phones driving….

    Funny how it’s quick to assume.

    The amount of people I see DAILY on their mobiles is shameful.
    Yes you reading this right now. You’re probably one of them.

    The worst offender was a delivery driver on milestone way using his tablet at the steering wheel while driving.

    The worst offenders by far are parents taking their kids to school in the mornings. You just can’t resist that little look at snap chat or Facebook can you?
    While you’ve got kids in the car too.. absolute disgrace.
    While waiting at traffic lights is STILL NOT ACCEPTABLE NOR LEGAL!

    The general level of driving standards is shocking. If it’s not people jumping the lights at Springhill coming out of morely road it’s the idiots coming off the toll road thinking for some reason they don’t have to give way to traffic coming from the right.

    Well let me tell you a secret…. I no longer worry about crashing into you. I’m insured. I’m in the right. I’ve done everything I can to avoid crashing into you…. But if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time…. Well.. you’re gonna have a bad day.

    People in Burntwood have recently decided they are better than everyone else. And that’s simply not true.. you’re just as bad as everyone else… And don’t get me started on those that live in the Barratt/wimpey estate thinking they live in a gated community or something…. I’m visiting relatives but please feel free to harass me and make me feel unsafe for doing so because you bought your new house and now you think your the king of Burntwood…. These lot put the nimbys to shame.

  7. Rubbish all over carpark behind MacDonald s gym car park them little gas cylinder s scattered all over cars driving fast and motorbikes so loud woke up a few times 5 am with bike with no exhaust on I walk dog most nights around chase terrace no police anywhere

  8. Totally agree with better not say . Speeding cars doing at least 50 down baker st if not more ,! Even at 6 in the morning, drugs, speeding, takeaways, more and more houses , and men fishing in the pot holes in the roads they are that deep ! burntwood is a dump, lived here all my 59yrs of life wish I could get out, lichfield is appealing after all they get millions spent on their city! We get the left over tarmac.

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